The Region Tab

Last modified: Nov 08, 2018

On the Region tab, you can make the following language and region settings:


  • Choose which Language you want to use in CET Designer. English is the default setting, and if the field is blank, English will be used. When language has been changed, remember to click the Apply button to confirm the change.

Currency (when creating new drawings)

  • Choose which Currency to use in new drawings. Select desired option in the drop down menu. All new drawings will automatically have the currency that you select here. If you want to change the currency for the drawing you are currently in, this is done in the Calculation dialog.

Distance unit

  • Distance unit decide which unit of measurement to use. The default unit is Metric, but measurements of components and building elements can also be shown in feet.
    – Select the Precise dimensions checkbox to make each dimension with two or more decimal places show.
    – Select the Show decimal zeroes checkbox to always add a zero decimal.

Date format

  • Choose the preferred Date format from the dropdown menu.

Time format

  • Choose the preferred Time format from the dropdown menu.


The Region tab in the CET Designer Control Panel

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