The Quick Text Editor

Last modified: Jul 04, 2018
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With the Quick text editor you can rapidly switch between, and edit, multiple texts. You can cycle through all visible text boxes in the 2D view or Paper view by pressing the TAB key on your keyboard. You can use the arrow keys to navigate inside a text box, and the Enter key to create line breaks. This tool is accessed from the Tools component tab or by double-clicking on a text box in the current view.

To edit texts with the quick text editor, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Tools tab and select the Quick text editor tool, alternatively double-click on a text box in the current view.
  2. Click either a Text or a Label in the 2D view or the Paper View. A red dotted box indicates that you are in edit mode.
  3. Use the TAB key to move from text to text. You can change the text in the Short text box in the upper right corner.

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