The General Tab

Last modified: Nov 08, 2018

On the General tab, you can make the following settings:

Work mode

Snap settings

  • Changing the size of the yellow Snap points in the drawing area (recommended setting is 1) and specifying angle steps. Read more >>


  • Select a component when a component tab is selected: when checked, CET Designer will automatically pick a default component to place in the drawing when switching to a different component tab.
  • Select last component tab at startup: when checked, this will automatically default to the last selected component tab at startup.
  • Show accelerator key hints: displays the keystroke shortcuts when hovering over the blue input boxes that are displayed when placing components in the drawing area.
  • Preview prices: when checked, you will always see the current total price in the top right corner of the program window.
  • Enable multiple drawings: allows having two or more drawings opened at the same time. Read more >>
  • Application color settings: click button to change the Color setup of the application window. Read more >>


The General tab in the Control Panel

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