The Catalogues Tab

On the Catalogues tab, you can make the following settings:

Catalogue Settings

This section contains the following options, related to objects from the Catalogue Browser and Catalogue Creator:

  • Keep catalogue files after uninstalling catalogue:  selected by default. When this option is selected, catalogue data that has been downloaded will be retained upon uninstallation of the catalogue. This allows for backup and sharing of catalogue data.
  • Append option code in Quick Properties if available: deselected by default. Selecting this option allows the option codes of a particular option to be displayed in the property box, where available, to help identify unique options.


Catalogue Language Override

  • Default setting is Follow CET Designer System (i.e. the language set in the Region tab of the Control Panel), but it is also possible to select a different language from the list, which will then force the system to display catalogue contents in the specified language.


Catalogue Selection

  • Clicking this button opens the Catalogue Selection dialog where you can install and uninstall catalogues.


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