The Advanced Tab

Last modified: Nov 08, 2018

On the Advanced tab, you can make the following settings:


  • Use Windows open/save dialogs (not recommended): You can choose to use the Windows open/save dialogs instead of CET Designer’s own. Note: selecting this option may cause some functionality loss, e.g. the possibility to view the drawings as thumbnails, and is therefore not recommended.
  • Enable sounds: checking this box will play sounds integrated in CET Designer.

File locations

  • Save location for new drawings: lets you specify the save locations for new drawings as well as exported PDF or CAD files from CET Designer. Clicking the link symbol will set the location to “Same as drawing”.
  • Location for CET Documents folder: lets you specify the preferred location for your CET Documents folder. Default location is the Documents folder on your local computer.


  • Rebuild language database: Click this option if you e.g. have problem with mixed languages on buttons or in dialog box.
  • Removes old backup files: Removes auto-backup files and auto-save files.


The Advanced tab in the Control panel


Note:In most cases, the options in the Cleaning field should only be used in consultation with CET Support

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  1. Algirdas says:

    what is relation between Control Panel and Styles Editor? The link to this (control Panel) description is placed on “About Styles Editor” page.

    • Thanks for posting! There is no relation between the Control Panel and the Style Editor. The links at the bottom are automatically generated, and these have been suggested as they are all different ways of Personalizing CET Designer. They are in the same category, hence they are shown as suggested links.

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