About the Style Editor

Last modified: Jun 20, 2017

The Style Editor is a built-in tool that lets you create new styles and modify existing styles for different component groups. Remember to save any changes that you make so they will be the default.

These blue icons on the Tools component tab is how you open the Style Editor:


The Style Editor window is divided into different tabs, one for each group that the styles apply to:



Create and change styles for different text groups. You can alter the Font, Font Height, Italic state, Bold state and Font Color for Ind. Tag Texts, Calculate Area Texts, Dimension Texts, Incrementer Texts, Paper View Texts, Revision Paper Texts, Revision Texts, Tagging Rectangle Texts and Text Fields.


  • In the Text tab in the Style Editor, you can select the Always readable checkbox to make sure that CET Designer rotates text in a way that is always readable.


Create and change styles for line groups.  You can alter the Line style, Width style, Width and Color for Calculate Area Lines, Lines, Tagging Rectangle Lines and Text Box lines.



Create and change styles for dimensions. You can alter the Text alignment, Distance units, Unit precision, Arrow Head Size and shape, gap and end line length for the dimensions.



Create and change styles for areas defined with the Calculate Area Tool. You can alter the Area Unit, Unit precision and Filling of an area.



Create and change styles for hatch patterns that can be applied to 2D rectangles/circles and custom shapes. You can alter the Hatch and the Scale of a pattern.


You can also access the Style Editor when working in the Paper View, as shown below.


How to access the Style Editor from the Paper View.

6 Responses to “About the Style Editor”

  1. Algirdas says:

    Would be nice to explain how to launch the Styles Editor.

    • This post has been updated, and hopefully it’s clearer now how to access the Style Editor. Thanks for posting!

  2. Robert Smith says:

    Where can I find the default files in order to transfer my settings to other users within my company?

    • You should find it in you CET Documents folder, which by default is located in your Documents folder. So for me, the file path is:
      C:\Users\MyUserName\Documents\CET Documents\Styles
      If you are having troubles locating your styles, don’t hesitate to contact CET Support and they’ll help you out.

  3. Doug Allison says:

    Is there a way to have all our standard style settings load automatically whenever a new drawing is created? At one time I’ve used a saved version of a standard “starter drawing” with all the styles loaded, but was later told that it is best to start with a completely new drawing instead. Thanks.

    • When you have created a default style that you want to reuse in other drawings, make sure to save it globally by clicking the floppy disc icon with a CET Designer logo in the Style Editor. The style is then saved on your local machine and will be used in your future drawings without you having to change it every time. Should you ever want to go back to the system default, click the Reset style to default button in the Style Editor for the style in question.

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