Selecting Work Mode

A number of Work Modes are available in CET Designer, helping you to focus on the tools you need for the task currently at hand. Work Modes turn functions on or off and remove or show certain elements inĀ  CET Designer.

You can easily jump between different work modes in the main window:


or set your preferred work mode in the Control Panel:


The pre-defined work modes; four that come with CET Designer and one that comes with the Movie Studio Extension, are these:

  • Design (Show all): enables full access to all tools and features and is the default Work Mode for new users.
  • Demo (no edit): intended for presentations and demonstrations; you cannot add or change anything in the drawing; only move the camera and create renderings in the Photo Lab.
  • Easy Design: reduces the number of available buttons and menus in the user interface; making the program window look cleaner and easier to browse through.
  • Make Movie: this work mode comes with the Movie Studio Extension. Enabling this work mode will automatically switch to the Movie Studio tab, hiding all others, instantly making CET Designer ready to focus on movie making. Note that it is only available if the Movie Studio Extension is installed.
  • Specification: lets you turn your focus to working with Calculation and Part tagging, without the risk of accidentally changing the layout.


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