Changing Predefined Colors and Materials

Last modified: Jun 04, 2015

The Select Material dialog box has many predefined colors and materials to choose from.

The color and material options on the Predefined and Thumbnails tabs are the same; only the presentation of the options differs. On the first tab you choose from a tree view, while on Thumbnails you choose from a list.

Follow these steps to use predefined colors or materials:

  1. Go to the component tab 3D.
  2. Under Material Change, click Material. A dialog box opens.
  3. Click the Predefined tab where you will find many different colors and materials. Expand one of these main options by clicking the plus sign. All subheadings are now shown.
  4. Select desired color and click the Use button at the bottom of the dialog box.
  5. Move the mouse pointer to the drawing area. A paint can follows.
  6. Move the mouse pointer to the wall with the color you want to change. The edges of the wall are now marked with the yellow you selected.
  7. Click to make the color switch.


The select material dialog, here with the Predefined tab selected.


2 Responses to “Changing Predefined Colors and Materials”

  1. How do you remove materials from the texture tab so that it is easier to find materials for a new project?

    • You will have to go to the Texture folder on your local computer and delete the texture file manually. Navigate to this location on your C drive:
      C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\Local\CET Data\64-bit\InstalledData\\res\textures\floors
      and look for the texture that you want to delete.
      If this doesn’t work out, please don’t hesitate to contact CET Support.

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