Searching for Components

Last modified: Jan 16, 2019

One method for finding components is to use the Search component tab:


To search for a component, follow these steps:

  1. Enter a search term in the input field; it could be a component name, a category or a part number.
  2. Click the Search button. The search result is shown in the field below.
  3. Click the desired component and move the mouse pointer to the drawing area to place the component in your drawing.

Having selected a component, you can click the Find component button to have CET Designer pinpoint the component’s location:


The component tab will open and a Here arrow will flash briefly:


The following tools are also available on the Search component tab:


  1. Collapse – Click the Collapse button if you wish to decrease the list. This button is only visible when the list is expanded.
  2. Open advanced search dialog – Click the Open advanced search dialog button if you wish to define your search.
  3. Locate in browser – Click the Locate in browser button to see where in the browser the component is located.


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