Placing an Image on a Wall

Last modified: Aug 27, 2018

By using the feature Place image on wall you can add an image to a wall placed in the drawing area, or even use the component without attaching it to a wall. The image will be visible in your 3D view. You access the feature in the Accessories field on the Wall drawing component tab.

To place an image on a wall, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Wall drawing component tab and click the Place image on wall icon.
  2. Move the mouse pointer to the 2D- or 3D view drawing area. A black rectangle follows.
  3. Click the rectangle in place on a wall.
  4. In the green input box, set size and elevation and add a frame if desired.
  5. Double click the image box that appears on the wall. A dialog box appears where you browse to desired image.



  • The Image on wall tool supports transparency for image formats that support this (.GIF and .PNG). This could be useful for example for company logos.
  • Drag n’ dropping a supported image file directly onto the 3D view will automatically turn it into an Image on wall object.


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