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Last modified: Nov 16, 2015
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On the Lines tab in the Style Editor you can create new, and change predefined Styles.

The Lines tab in the Style Editor.


Component group

There are different component groups on the Lines tab, depending on where or for what the lines are used:

  • Calculate Area lines: the lines that are drawn when using the Calculate Area tool.
  • Lines: 2D lines, rectangles and arcs.
  • Tagging Rectangle Lines: the visible lines of tagging rectangles.
  • Text box lines: 2D text box and label frame.

The component groups for Lines.



Under the Styles heading all available styles are displayed, both your own styles and those that come from an external drawing. In this way you can share your styles with co-workers, by sending your drawing containing desired styles. When your co-worker has opened the drawing, he or she will save the styles globally and be free to use your styles.

The currently selected style is set as default for given component group. If a style come from an external drawing it is displayed after the style name as shown below.

Example of different styles


In the Style Editor there are four standard Style Tools:

 StyleEditorAddIcon Add new style: lets you add a new style, the currently selected style will be cloned and all settings will be copied to the new style.
StyleEditorDeleteIcon Delete style: Lets you delete a style, however default styles cannot be deleted.
StyleEditorSaveIcon Save style globally: If you want to use styles globally, i.e. in other drawings, you have to save the style globally first. The style will be saved on your hard drive.
StyleEditorResetIcon Reset style to default: Lets you reset styles to their default values.



For all line styles you can change the following properties:

  • Line: choose desired line type.
  • Width Style: Unit is defined in pixles and Unscaled width is defined in millimeters.
  • Width: enter desired line width. Interval between 1-5.
  • Color: click the color window to select desired color.

Line properties.



The preview window lets you preview all the changes you make to a style. The changes will be displayed instantly and lets you see the result of how the edited style will look, as shown in the example in figure 6 below.

The style preview window.

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