Importing PDF Files

Last modified: May 31, 2016

If you have received a PDF file with a drawing that you need to use, the PDF import feature in CET Designer will help you. It lets you add either a page or an image from a PDF file to the drawing area.

To import contents from a PDF file, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Tools component tab.
  2. Select the Image loaded from file component:
  3. Move the mouse pointer to the drawing area. An image component is attached to the mouse pointer.
  4. Click once to set a starting point, then stretch the image component to the desired size (without holding down the mouse button) and click once to set the ending point.
  5. Release the image component by pressing the Esc key or by moving the mouse pointer outside of the drawing area.
  6. Double-click on the image component. The Open dialog is brought up.
  7. Browse for the PDF file that you wish to use, select it and click Open. The PDF file is loaded and the PDF import window opens:
  8. In the PDF import window, the contents can be filtered on Pages or Images for easier access. Click to select the content that you wish to import, and then click the Insert button. Or drag n’ drop the page or image into the drawing area.
  9. The selected page/image is imported to the drawing area.
  10. If you wish to use material from a different PDF file, click the Load PDF button to select another file.


When you have imported a drawing, you may need to double-check the dimensions and the scale. For this purpose, use the Measure and scale tool.


  • You can also access the PDF import dialog by dragging n’ dropping a PDF file onto CET Designer. After clicking the image component in place, the PDF import dialog showing the selected file opens automatically.
  • Imported PDF files can be locked to prevent accidental movement, in the same way that imported CAD files can be locked. This is achieved by checking the Lock Position box in the image component’s green input box.
  • You can also use the PDF import to place an image on a wall. Simply place an Image on wall component on a wall and doubleclick it in the 3D view to bring up the PDF import dialog where you can follow the steps described above.

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