Carpets and Coverings

Last modified: Aug 14, 2018

With the Carpets and coverings tools, you can create a custom shape in 2D and 3D. This lets you add areas that have a different appearance from the main level; either for putting in carpets, or designating parts of a level to have a different material.


FloorCoveringsRectangle_75 Rectangular covering – the fastest way to create a basic rectangular covering.
FloorCoveringsCircle_75 Circular covering – the fastest way to create a basic circular covering.
FloorCoveringsCustom_75 Custom covering – lets you define a custom shape. Each time you click, you add a new point to the shape.



  • Carpets and coverings are not equivalent to actual levels, and will therefore not be listed in the Levels overview on the Architectural tab.


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