Filtering Drawing Contents

Last modified: May 21, 2018

The Filter tool is used to control what is visible in the drawing area.


The categories available in the Filter dialog is determined by the contents of your selected View Mode; items not visible in your currently selected View Mode will not have their categories available to work with.


Here, you can use the + icons to expand or the – icon to collapse the groups.

Visibility can be toggled for each group and each subgroup by using the eye icons. All icons start as grayed out, to indicate that everything is in a non-filtered state. The left icon is for showing a group, while the right icon is for hiding a group.

Keep in mind that a top group always takes precedence over any of its subgroups, and that the tree view is read from top to bottom. This means that objects that belong to more than one category will follow the last read category. On a top group level, Hide is dominant, while Show is dominant within the groups.


  • Any changes made in the Filter dialog will remain if the dialog is closed, but when you close the drawing all filtering will be reset.

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