Saving a Favorite

Last modified: Jun 04, 2015

With the feature Save as Favorite you can, for example, save common component combinations that you want to use multiple times. This could even be a drawing that you use as a template. Just select your saved favorites and place them in the drawing area.

Follow these steps below to save a component as a favorite:

  1. Select a component, or group of components and right click.
  2. Select Save As Favorite in the popup menu that appears. The Save Favorite dialog box appears (see Image 1 below).
  3. Choose the location where you would like to save your favorite.
  4. Enter a short description of the favorite in the input field.
  5. Name your favorite in the File name input field.
  6. Click the Save button.

Tips! You can also save a block as a favorite, alone or together with other components in a group.


Image 1: Save favorit dialog.


Note: You can choose how to display your favorites in the Save Favorite dialog box. The following options can be selected:

  • Info: Shows detailed information about the file.
  • Sort files by date: The files will be sorted by date. This button is only visible when the files are sorted by name (see Figure 1 no. 1).
  • Sort files by name: The files will be sorted in alphabetical order. This button is visible when the files are sorted by date.
  • Choose view: Click the button in the top right corner and choose desired option (see Figure 1 no. 2).

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