Drawing Stairs and Railings

Last modified: Nov 19, 2018

There is a separate Stairs Extension that contains objects for drawing stairs, landings and railings of different sorts. Downloading and installing this Extension will add two separate component tabs to your CET Designer, Commercial Stairs and Industrial Stairs, with components suitable for office and home environments and industry and storage sectors, respectively.


ExampleStairs IndustrialStairs_80
Items from the Commercial Stairs tab Items from the Industrial Stairs tab

For both categories, you can either insert custom stairs or stairs that follow building code standards, such as IBC, OSHA, and ISO.

To use these components, simply left click on one and release the mouse button. Then move the mouse cursor to the drawing area and click to place the the component. During placement, a blue input box appears where you can make settings. You can also select the stairs (or landing or railing) after placement and make settings in the green input box. Altering these settings allows you to create stairs of different styles, with or without stringer. Here are some examples:

 StairOpenRiser_70  StairClosedBase_70  StairFlushStringer_70  FlushStair_70



  • Railings are automatically added to Industrial Stairs that follow building codes while custom stairs place without railings.
  • Multiple stairs can be attached to the same side of a landing.

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