Making Walls Transparent

Last modified: Nov 02, 2018

You can choose to make walls fully or semi transparent in the 3D view, either before or after drawing them. This feature can be useful when you have drawn a room with four walls but want to see the products inside, as in this example:

Transparent walls

To make all walls fully transparent, either before or after inserting them, select the Transparent option from the Appearance menu in the Walls component tab. Clicking the color indicator next to the dropdown lets you set the colour of the wall outline:


Setting custom wall opacity

After inserting walls, you can set different levels of transparency on individual walls. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Select the walls(s) that you wish to change. A property box opens.
  2. Select Opacity type from the drop-down:
    • Default: follows the settings on the wall tab, i.e. the selected wall(s) is either solid or fully transparent.
    • Transparent: the selected wall(s) is fully transparent.
    • Solid: the selected wall(s) is solid.
    • Custom opacity: lets you use an Opacity level slider to manually adjust the opacity of the selected wall(s) from fully transparent to solid. You can either click and move the slider, or enter a value to the right of the slider. Note that this option overwrites the predefined options of Default, Transparent and Solid. Therefore, walls with a manually set level of transparency will not show any outlines. This enables creating completely invisible walls in the 3D view.



  • Windows and doors follow the transparency setting of the wall they are set in, and you will not need to adjust them separately.

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