Creating or Editing a Work Mode

As described in the Selecting Work Mode article, there are a number of pre-defined work modes in CET Designer. You can, however, edit an existing work mode, or create your own. To do so, you will need to go into the Work mode editor which is accessed either from the Work Mode dropdown menu, or from the Control Panel:



In the Work mode editor, use the checkboxes in the tabs Visibility, Tabs and Key Bindings to customize the visibility of most elements in the CET Designer interface, showing or hiding parts of the program to set up your favorite work environment. Once you have created a work mode, it will be available in the Work Modes menu.


The down arrow to the right opens a dropdown menu with the following options for renaming, resetting or removing the currently selected work mode:


Your work mode setup saves as a .cmwrk file in a WorkModes folder among your CET Documents. The Show in folder option opens the file location on your computer. A work mode setup is a reusable file which means it can be shared and reused among colleagues if placed in a shared location.



  • The Design (Show all) work mode can only be changed if copied first, while the rest of the pre-defined work modes can be edited straight away.
  • Your work mode setup saves as a .cmwrk file in a WorkModes folder in your local CET Documents folder with the path CET Documents\WorkModes. You can easily reach this location by clicking the Show in folder option. A work mode setup is a resuable file which means that it can be shared and resued among colleagues, if placed in a shared location.

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