Setting up your Custom Tools

To customize your CET Designer and speed up your workflow, you can create a custom free-floating toolbox called Custom Tools.

Every section in the component tabs has a Send to Custom Tools button as shown below. Simply click it to add the section of your choice to your Custom Tools.

Note that you can add sections from any component tab to your Custom Tools, as in this example:


If you accidentally close the dialog, you can always re-open it by going to the Tools menu and clicking Open custom tools, using the keyboard shortcut ‘C‘, or by clicking the Send to custom tools button next to a section header again.

The Custom tools dialog supports the use of multiple tabs. To set up a new tab, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add a new button.
  2. If you wish to rename the tab, either double-click the tab name, or right-click and select Rename and then enter the new name.
  3. Make sure that the requested tab is selected, and then add the sections that you want onto that tab.
  4. The little left and right arrows indicate that there are more tabs than can currently fit in the dialog.


If you wish to remove a section from your Custom Tools, follow these steps:

  1. Left-click and hold on the section header to activate Edit mode.
  2. Click the red removal X.


To save a setup, go to the File menu and select the Save as option. A Custom Tools setup will save as a .cmftb file which is a reusable file that can be saved in a shared location and used by others.


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