Defining a Custom Shape

Last modified: Jul 02, 2018

The Custom Shape Tools let you create your own custom shape in 2D. After defining your shape, you can add a thickness and an elevation and also edit the shape in a number of ways to create 3D objects, such as worksurfaces or countertops. There is also a tool for pointing at an edge of a custom shape and clicking to automatically insert a wall along that edge.

Naturally, you can change the appearance of the shape by adding a different color or texture from the Material Explorer, a hatch pattern, or walls as mentioned above.

The Custom Shape Tools are found on the Tools component tab and contains the following tools:

  Create rectangle –  the fastest way to create a basic rectangular shape.
  Create circle –  the fastest way to create a basic circular shape.
CustomShapeCustomShapeIcon_85_eng Create a custom shape – lets you define a custom shape. Each time you click, you add a new point to the shape.
CustomShapeCustomInsertWallsIcon_85_eng Insert wall on edge –  lets you point at the edge of any custom shape and click to automatically insert a wall along that edge.
Add point – adds an edit point anywhere along the shape’s 2D outline.
Remove point – removes selected edit points along the shape’s 2D outline.
Switch straight/curved – lets you click anywhere between two edit points to switch the line from straight to curved and vice versa.
  Slice shape –  lets you draw a line across a custom shape in order to divide it into one or more new shapes.

All of these tools are used by first clicking the requested tool in the component tab, and then moving the cursor to the shape to perform the edit.

The distance unit is the same as has been defined in the Control Panel.

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