Configuring your Component Tabs

The Component Tabs Configurator just above the component tabs is used to create and save configurations for component tabs. These configurations can be saved as Quick Buttons for easy access. This allows you to customize which components you see while working with different Extensions.


Switching visible tabs

When working with multiple Extensions you may have many component tabs to work with. You can customize which tabs are visible. Click the down arrow above the component tabs to switch to preset configurations such as CET Designer or Show all tabs.



Modifying and saving tab configurations

You can create your own component tab configurations. Then only selected tabs will be displayed. This reduces the number of tabs and simplifies navigation.

  1. Click the Component Tabs Configurator button located above the component tabs:
  2. To make edits, click the Copy button and name your configuration:
  3. Add/remove tabs by selecting or deselecting them. Not only can you decide which tabs that should be visible; but also which of their sections that should be included:
  4. Use the dropdown to change to your saved configuration or, if you want quick access to them, assign your configurations to the four colored Quick Buttons available above the component tabs. Linking them together is done in the Component Tabs Configurator:

  • Your configurations are saved in your local CET Documents folder with the path: CET Documents/Preferences/Toolbox.

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