Collapsing Multiple Component Tabs into One Single Tab

If your component tabs are starting to pile up, you can save space by collapsing multiple related tabs into a single one.

Dividers and a light blue color are used to show which component tabs are related and will form a group:


To collapse component tabs into groups one by one, use the arrow icon in the tooltip:



You can also right-click on the tab and select Minimize from the menu:



The tab that is selected when you collapse the tabs, in this example the Characters tab, is placed on top of the group. Collapsed groups have a bar on the side to indicate that they contain more tabs that are not currently visible:


Clicking the bar indicator selects the top tab. To access any of the other component tabs in the group, you must first expand it by clicking the arrow in the tooltip:


You can also right-click on the tab and select Maximize from the menu:




Want to collapse component tabs into their respective group all at once? Right-click on any component tab and swipe up! All your component tabs are now neatly organized into groups.

To expand them all again, right-click on any component tab and swipe down.

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