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Last modified: Nov 04, 2015
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Update – Patch # 4 (August 26, 2015)

A minor update to the SketchUp and Movie Studio Extensions is now available, consisting of the following fixes:

Fixed an issue with Movie Studio that could cause a crash when the Field of View was set to more than 90 degrees.
Fixed an issue that could cause Movie Studio to stop responding at the end of the movie rendering process.
Fixed an issue with loading of old drawings containing SketchUp objects, pre-dating to version 6.1, which could prevent the drawing from loading.
Fixed an issue with installing or updating of certain required components for the SketchUp Extension.

Update – Patch # 3 (August 17, 2015)

We have released a minor patch to CET Designer core and a few additional Extensions. Patch # 3 contains the following changes and fixes:


Office Accessories

  • A completely new set of models extends and replaces the aging set that was previously found in the Office Accessories component tab. We hope that you will enjoy the new models!

Existing drawings will continue to display the old objects if you have used them previously in your work.


Architectural Walls

  • We have restored the depth option for images placed on wall to 600 mm (back up from 25 mm).



  • SketchUp objects with dynamic settings available can now use these after being imported into CET Designer.
  • CET Designer will now automatically switch to display the SketchUp tab if you load a model by dragging & dropping it.
  • Added support for stretching and scaling imported SketchUp objects, similar to how Edit Graphics objects behave:


Solved Issues

Fixed problem that could cause CET Designer to refuse importing some SketchUp models and instead display a warning about duplicate components.
Fixed issue with SketchUp import that could sometimes cause a crash.
Fixed a problem with drawings containing large number of SketchUp objects which could cause loading to take extra long time.
Fixed issue with stretching a worksurface to an invalid length leading to a crash.
Fixed problem with the Save As… operation that, while having multiple drawings open, that would cause the Save as… dialog to incorrectly suggest a save path based on the last opened drawing rather than the currently selected drawing.
Fixed a problem with the Calculation that could cause it to sometimes display empty rows.
Fixed a problem with Custom Shape Tools that prevented them from exporting correctly to Revit; they no longer incorrectly belong to the Line Drawing category.
Fixed problem with Photo Lab that could cause renders to reset their progress.
Fixed problem with Customer Own Material that could cause the material to be lost when loading a drawing.
Fixed problem with incorrect graphical elements appearing in the component tabs when using CET Designer in Chinese.


Update – Patch # 2 (June 10, 2015)

Fixed an issue with information about updates which caused the Kimball Extension to not show correctly.
Fixed a crash that could occur when reloading a CAD file in the CAD (dwg/dxf) dialog.
Fixed an issue that in rare cases could cause a crash when clicking the Save button in the Save as dialog.
Adjusted and added some texts in the Movie Studio Extension.
Fixed a problem with thumbnails in Photo Lab.
New recommended drivers are available for Nvidia GTX 670 & 760.
Fixed a problem that could cause the Scheme dialog to not update correctly when changing between different schemes.
Fixed problem that could occasionally make the render progress bar go backward.
Fixed a problem that would sometimes hide the Freeze option from the right-click menu.
Fixed a problem that would cause panels to not update correctly in the Panel Manager dialog.
Fixed a problem that would cause items designated as ghosts to not show correctly.
Fixed a missing text for some crashes when using Swedish language settings.
Removed the text [user] from newly created article view tabs in the Calculation.
Fixed problem in the View Settings dialog that would cause text on some buttons to be cut off.
Fixed an issue where the 3D clipping was not always respected during print.
Fixed a crash that would occur with clipping rectangles when printing was done without first opening the Photo Lab.
Fixed an issue where unselectable clipping rectangles could be shown in the drawing when switching between “One common photo series for all drawing alternatives” and “One photo series for each drawing alternative” in the Photo Lab.

Update – Patch # 1 (May 27, 2015)

We have made sure that the file size for a material is greater than zero before attempting to load it.
Fix for a crash in a model with broken UV-coordinates.
Faster rendering of glass after introduction of ray cut off shader.
Fix for an issue with scale on materials.
Use correct bound in 3D-clipping.
Fix for a crash in old drawings containing texts with no font set.
Safer to call to render server in CET Designer 64-bit.
Material Explorer now shows correct thumbnails when scrolling.
Fix for kitchen type Extensions and load of old drawings containing objects from the Franke Extension.


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May, 2015

New Features

Our Poll Winner: Tools for Creating Custom Shapes

We listened to what you wanted the most as a new feature in CET Designer, and the feature implemented as a result of our recent poll is the Custom Shape Tool and its siblings!


This tool lets you create your own custom shapes in 2D, and then add thickness and elevation in order to create custom 3D objects like worksurfaces or countertops. Naturally, these objects will accept textures in the same way that walls or other objects do.

Click here to view a short video showing just how to create a custom shape.

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Extended Calculate Area Functionality

The Calculate Area Tool has been moved from Dimensions into its own section, and has received extended functionality.


The extended functions include:

  • Ability to remove, or add new points to an existing shape in order to better manipulate the shape.
  • Individual lines can now be moved or stretched.
  • Lines or corners can be turned into curved lines for more rounded shapes.
  • It is now possible to move the text around freely by grabbing and dragging the text, this also allows the text to be rotated.

Click here for a short video showing how to work with the Calculate Area Tools.

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New View Render Option in the 3D View

The View Render option (only available with the Advanced Graphics Engine) replaces the old Quick Render and offers a higher quality preview.


View Render also supports creating previews using render settings from the Photo Lab, including your own custom created settings:


Once a render is completed, an option will appear to let you send it to the Photo Lab:


Click here for a short video showing how the View Render feature works.

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New 3D Clipping with Improved Visibility and Graphical Feedback

The 3D Clipping, found in the 3D tab, has been enhanced and replaces the old tool. It should make it much easier to work with 3D clipping while offering better control.


Objects completely covered by a blue (minus) rectangle will become invisible in the 3D view. You can then override this, to show specific objects, by placing a green (plus) rectangle so it touches the objects you wish to show.


The new clipping tool has limited availability in the simple graphics engine, where it can not be used in the main window; only in the Photo Lab.

Click here for a short video showing how to work with 3D Clipping.

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New Preview Shadows Option in Photo Lab

Preview shadows is a new option available in Photo Lab’s advanced mode. Enabling this function will make the 3D view update instantly as you make changes to the settings for Lighting & Shadows.

Unlike the realtime light setting, Preview shadows does ultra fast renders to show you not only the effects of your light settings, but also detailed shadow effects.

  • markerad_PreviewShadowsPreviewShadowsExample

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New Effect Added to the Material Lab

Enabling the new Fresnel option will tell the system that the reflections in the material should take into account the angle from which the object is viewed, creating a more realistic impression.


The Fresnel effect can be added to any newly created materials, but is not enabled by default for any already existing materials in the Material Explorer.

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New Aid for Moving Objects in Straight Lines

A new tool has been added to make it easier to move objects in straight lines without having to resort to tools. The aid is triggered automatically when moving objects horizontally or vertically in a straight line.

When the guide is active, it displays as a dotted pink line. While merely moving an object, you will see a dotted gray line to indicate the origin of the object being moved.

PinkMovementAid_60 GrayMovementAid_60
Guide active Guide inactive

With the aid active, it is also possible to enter the exact value for the distance you wish to move the object.

Click here for a short video demonstrating the movement aid.

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New Aid for Custom Object Rotation

You can now click on a default rotation point and then click someplace else to set an alternate spot to rotate your object around, instead of the normal center-based rotation.


This new spot can even be placed outside of the object you wish to rotate!

Click here for a short video showing how to pick a custom rotation point.

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Movie Studio Updates

  • The Export Movie dialog is no longer modal. This means that you can now start rendering a movie, and then go back to working in your drawing, or even with other drawings!
  • The .wmv file format has been replaced by the more modern .mp4. This means that your movies will now play in the default movie player on iOS devices.
  • Slightly improved render options now let you choose between different light presets for your movie.
  • The overall video render quality has been improved.
  • Improved handling of aborting and resuming movie export.

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New Materials Available in the Material Pack

  • More wood materials, targeting different floor types, have been added to the Material Pack.The new materials are named for their appearance in order to make them more easily searchable (for example “herringbone”), and have been placed into the appropriate material folders. These new materials will be automatically downloaded if you have the Material Pack Extension installed.

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Small Updates in the Control Panel

  • The options for default file locations on the Advanced tab has been updated and clarified to be more informative, including new tooltips.

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New Color Schemes in the Calculation Dialog

  • We have added new and modernized color schemes for the Calculation dialog. Try them out to see which you like best!
  • Also, the option to disable multiple article views has been removed.

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CAD Export Suggests File Name

  • CAD export will now suggest the same name for your created CAD file as the name of your current drawing.

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Photo Lab Updates

  • A minimize button has been added.
  • The Take a photo and render it in Photo Lab button has been removed from the 3D View toolbar, as it is superceeded by the new View Render functionality.
  • Increased photo cache size – the Photo Lab will now store up to 2 GB worth of rendered images, from different drawings, before overwriting the oldest image. This is an increase from 1 GB in previous versions.

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Updated Icon Styles

  • Updated icons for most Accessories (Lights, Kitchen, Office) to improve clarity:
    Old IconsNew Icons
    Old style                                                               New style

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New Supported Versions

  • CET Designer now supports the SketchUp 2015 format.
  • Revit 2016 support added.
  • Revit 2012 support dropped, since Autodesk no longer supports this version.

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Numerical Value Added to Wall Transparency Setting

  • The transparency slider for walls now display a number beside the slider to make it easier to work with. You can move the slider from one side to the other, or enter the desired value.

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 New 3D PDF Option in the Print Reports Dialog

  • If you have the 3D PDF Extension installed, you now have a new option in the Print Reports dialog:Enabling 3D PDF works in the same way as if you clicked the button for Export active 3D view.
    markerad_Print option

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Solved Issues


Fixed a problem with several input fields, where using CTRL + BACKSPACE to delete entire words, would result in a program lockup.
Fixed a problem with Elevations that could cause them to not be correctly generated if set up at an angle.
Fixed problem with the Validation dialog that could cause it to not highlight the affected object the first time it was clicked.
Fixed a problem with the warning about expiring licenses, that could cause it to list the names of the licenses as “null”.
Fixed problem with the “Fit content” checkbox not remaining checked for placeable Article views in the Paper View.
Fixed a problem that made it possible to accidentally place a View Port in the normal drawing area, which would result in all View Ports turning gray in the Paper View.
Fixed issue that could cause a crash if you closed CET Designer immediatly after saving a drawing.
Fixed issue that could cause a crash when printing papers, or printing papers containing a 3D PDF view.
Fixed issue with the Align tool that could cause a crash.
Fixed a problem with caching of rendered images, this could cause rendered images from one drawing to show up in another, if you had copied and renamed an existing drawing.
Fixed issue that could cause a crash when pressing CTRL + B with nothing selected.
Fixed issue that could cause a crash if you attempted to open a Reconfig file as if it were a normal drawing.
Fixed problem with PDF and CAD export that could get confused by some Control Panel settings when using multiple drawings. This could cause the exported files to wind up in seemingly random locations (they landed in the folder belonging to the last opened drawing).

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Known Issues

Clipping Tools

  • Using single select to freeze a minus rectangle will cause it to become turned off, revealing all covered 3D objects.
  • The 3D Clipping rectangles will incorrectly show up in Print Preview, but will not show once you perform a print to paper, or create a PDF.

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