CET Designer 5.2

Last modified: Nov 04, 2015
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Update – Patch # 2 (February 4, 2015)

The Palette button has been removed from the Scheme Manager. This belongs to a feature that is still in development. Clicking the button currently had no effect and has therefore been removed.
Fixed problem with certain cabinet connectors that could sometimes misbehave.
Fixed issue with loading drawings that were created using the old save method (which is not a recommended setting).
Fixed issue with saving drawings that could potentially lead to a crash.
Fixed an issue that could cause a crash in the Reconfiguration Tool.


Minor Update (December 18, 2014)

Fix for issue that could cause a crash on some machines when creating a PDF file from CET Designer.


Update – Patch # 1 (December 10, 2014)

Fix for a language issue in Photo Lab that could occur after print.
Fixed an issue with fullscreen mode in Photo Lab that could cause a crash.
Fixed a problem with glass materials with image rendering that could cause the render to take a couple of extra seconds to finish.
We have implemented some general 3D-clipping improvements in Photo Lab.

The right-click menu for paper miniatures at the bottom of the Paper View now has an option to enable/disable individual papers. Also, the user interface has been slightly updated to make it easier to understand how to enable and disable papers.
Fix for an issue where some Paper View data field variables could not be selected.
You can now turn on/off the automatic newline functionality in the Article View component in Paper View.

Fix for an issue where you could not print to PDF.
PDF creation now functions properly when using CET Designer with Chinese language settings.
The information field “Print Report Directory” has been removed from the Print Report dialog.

Fixed problem with Default Save location that could previously cause CET Designer to think a new default had been set, even when no change had actually been made.
The default save location URL fields can now only be updated using the ‘…’ button (browse button). CET Designer no longer supports manually typing in the URL.
The Control Panel option for Select a component when a component tab is selected should again work correctly.
You should no longer get the “Password does not match” warning when attempting an offline login with the correct password.
CET Designer will now launch in online mode, even if you have gotten a warning about missing licenses.
You should no longer get an incorrect warning stating that your CET Designer installation is insecure.
Fixed an underlying issue that made the error message “No disk in drive” appear incorrectly.
We have made sure that RED elevations are used in abstract.industry when the advanced graphics engine is being used.
Fix to LightWorks generated elevation views in abstract.office and abstract.industry
It should now work fine to start 64-bit CET Designer even if you have a Windows user name with special characters (such as ‘å’, ‘ä’, ‘ö’, ‘~’).
Only relevant for our Kitchen users: Custom tools will now be reset when switching main Extension.

Fixed a problem with the Position tool that could cause extra lines to show up.
When moving the mouse over an object while using the Position tool, the outline of the object should now be correctly shown (this only affects the advanced graphics engine).
Fixed a problem with textures that could cause bump maps to be incorrectly applied in Material Lab, making texture surfaces look strange.
Fixed an issue that could cause door or window openings to only be see-through from one direction when used with Thin Walls.
Fixed problem with Wall Settings dialog that could cause different parts of it to overlap.
Fixed a problem when a selection contained multiple Incrementers, that could make it impossible to use the copy command.
Fixed problem with Simple Graphics engine that could cause lines to “leak” from the Align/Rotate/Position tools when working in the 2D view.
Fixed an issue with some line types that could cause a crash when loading a drawing.


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News and Changes in CET Designer 5.2 • November 2014

New Features

New Material Pack for an extended material collection

On our Marketplace, we have added a catalogue with loads and loads of materials for you to use. Simply download it and all the materials (currently around 600) will turn up in the Material Explorer. Since the Material Pack is a catalogue, it will automatically download new materials as soon as we release them.



New options for wall transparency and wall base trims

You can now set different levels of transparency on individual walls. By choosing the Custom opacity option from the Opacity type dropdown, you can set the exact level of transparency you desire for the selected wall.

walls_custom opacity transparent walls


Base trims are now available for all straight walls of normal and thick width. The main setting is found in the Wall Settings dialog, but trim can also be set with different values for each individual wall.



We’ve made it easy to calculate areas

The Calculate Area tool is a new addition to the Tools tab, which allows you to define a space in 2D to have CET Designer automatically calculate the area of the defined space.

calculate area


New Incrementer tool for quick labelling

The Incrementer can be found on the Tools tab, and allows you to place short texts of automatically incrementing numbering or lettering, along with an optional user set Prefix and/or Suffix.


The tool follows the set Style for the Incrementer text type, and can be edited from the Style Editor dialog.

incrementer examples


2D Positioning now available for several objects

Several help-type objects have been updated to always follow the 2D Position controls, in addition to always showing on top of other objects in the drawing. Note: option is not available for Dimensions, as they are always on top to ensure full visibility.

2D positions


Additional language support

We have added support for running CET Designer with either Simplified Chinese or German language settings. All language settings are available from the Region tab in the Control Panel.


New feature for Clipping, Fullscreen and Resolution in Photo Lab

In Photo Lab, we have added a new Clipping tool which work in a similar way to the Rectangular 3D clipping tool, but instead of being a placeable object, it originates from the camera position in the Photo Lab. This tool is mainly intended to make it easier to work with clipping when limited to a single computer screen.

camera clipping

We have added a new Fullscreen viewing option for rendered images.

photo lab fullscreen

The Image dimensions setting now supports selecting resolutions to create images that completely fill common paper formats.

legal letter photo lab


Missing a specific material – submit a Material Request!

Is the material you want not available in CET Designer? You can now send in specific request for materials for our team to create and add to the basic Material Explorer or Material Pack Extension.

material request


User controlled margins and always readable – new Text options

Text boxes now support user controlled margins.

custom margins

A new option has been added to Text-type objects and Dimensions, to ensure their text contents are rotated in such as fashion as to be Always readable. This option can be found in the Styles dialog, and is turned ON be default.


New interface features

•    Briefcase Notifications are now available from within CET Designer, simply click the Briefcase button and you will be shown the last 5 messages.

message notification

briefcase notifications

•    The Image on wall tool now supports transparency for image formats that support this (.GIF / .PNG)

transparent image on wall

•    The Ruler tool now has an associated key binding bound to it (CTRL+M by default)


•    The Control Panel now lets you set default save locations for your drawings and generated exports like PDF and CAD.

advanced tab

•   The Part Tagging dialog now supports reorganization by moving individual tags up and down in the list.

•    Data Field placed in the Paper View now offers two new options; User email and User name, both of these will automatically pull in the information from the currently logged in MyConfigura account.

•    Buttons for Paper Settings and Paper Orientation have been moved to a new location within the Print Reports dialog; you can now find them above the list of papers instead of below, this should increase their visibility on lower resolution screens.

•    New option available for Text tools to automatically either change the size of the text to fit inside the box, or to change the box size to fit the text.

adjust text

•    Elevations now support changing the size of their symbol.

elevation symbol size


3D PDF now offers control over View and Compression settings

A new settings dialog has been added, allowing control over default Light and Graphic settings as well as compression formats and file sizes.

3D pdf settings



Updated download locations

The CET Designer download locations are no longer region specific servers, but are instead divided between: Primary, the default setting, which automatically attempts to pick the best available download center for your location; and Secondary, which always connects to the same server that resides on a static IP number. These settings are found in the Control Panel.

Automatic update downloading

To reduce the number of clicks needed to get the latest available updates, CET Designer will now automatically download updates as they become available.
After the download has completed, CET Designer will wait for you to approve installation of the updates. You can also choose to postpone the download by clicking the Cancel button at any time before the download finishes. If you wish to disable automatic update downloading, this is done from the Control Panel.


Custom tools now supports multiple tabs

The Custom Tools dialog has been updated with new functionality; it now supports the creation of multiple tabs, each configurable to contain your favorite tool sections. Tabs can be created and named to suit your personal preferences. You can find this dialog in the Tools menu; Tools -> Open custom tools

custom tools multiple tabs


CAD Export suggests file name

CAD export will now suggest the same name for your created CAD file as the name of your current drawing.


Material appearance update

Updated look for frosted glass material to ensure an authentic appearance.

frosted glass old frosted glass new
old look                                                                                   new look


Filters can now be sorted in calculation

The Filter tab in the View Settings dialog now offers options for how to sort all parts.

filter sort

Improved updating speed for the Calculation dialog when dealing with larger drawings should lead to fewer instances of having to click Refresh to update the view contents.


Paper view updates

•    The Paper Manager tool now supports changing the settings for multiple selected papers at the same time.
•    The Enable/Disable button has been removed from Paper View, as a result of changes made to the way selection of papers to print is handled.
•    Following other changes to the Paper View, and how Papers are managed, the Page Settings button has been removed from the quick buttons at the bottom of the Paper View

The control can still be accessed from the control bar at the top of the Paper View, as well as from the Paper Manager.


New options in the Walls settings dialog

Walls now support setting their default color or material through the Wall Settings dialog.

default wall material

You can now turn off the indicator triangle that shows which side of a window is outside. This is done from the Wall Settings dialog.

window show direction


Reworked Categorization dialog

Major rework of the Categorization dialog to offer a better overview and make assigning correct Categories much easier, see image to the right. We have also added support for setting or changing Categories on multiple objects at the same time.



Save question removed for empty drawings

CET Designer should no longer ask if you wish to save (seemingly empty) drawings.


Easier to print pages created in Paper View

Improvements to Print Reports dialog for Paper View pages, you can now check/uncheck which papers to print, without having to click a separate button.


Solved Issues


  • After optimizing how CET Designer handles Tags inside blocks, there should now be fewer slowdowns.
  • Fixed problem with the Control Panel option Keep dialogs on same screen that could in some cases cause it to miss some dialogs.
  • Fixed a problem with creation of 3D PDF when using the simple graphics engine.
  • Fixed problem that could cause View Ports to refuse to render in Contour mode.
  • Fixed problem with thin walls getting random blackened areas when rendered using Product Lighting.
  • Fixed problem with very small Angle Dimensions that was causing them to be difficult to select.
  • Fixed issue with import of Favorites that could cause a crash if a CAD file was included in the Favorite, but is now missing. CET Designer will now warn if this happens, and ask you to relocate the CAD similar to how normal load of drawing does.
  • Fixed problem with CAD import that could cause some texts like Room or Door numbers to not be visible after import.
  • Fixed issue with login dialog that could cause a crash.
  • Fixed issue that could in rare circumstances cause a crash when loading of Extensions during startup.
  • Fixed issue with opening of Reconfiguration files that could sometimes cause a crash.
  • Fixed issue with switching views from Paper View that could cause a crash.
  • Fixed issue with the shut down process that could cause the program to crash while closing.
  • Fixed problem with Panorama settings in the Photo Lab that could cause panoramas to not be visible, depending on Control Panel settings for Selection Style.

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