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Last modified: Nov 04, 2015
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News and Changes in CET Designer 5.1 – August 18, 2014

Following up May’s 5.0 release, we’re now releasing CET Designer 5.1. The updates in this release do not include any core changes, but affect the following Extensions: Catalogue Browser, RevLink, SketchUp and Kitchen Accessories.


New Material Pack available

We’re releasing an Extension containing 51 new materials for use in the Material Explorer. This is a utility Extension that can be downloaded from the Configura Marketplace. Once installed, the materials will automatically appear in the Material Explorer.


Catalogue Browser

  • New human models have been added. Those with textures available are marked with an asterisk. In total, there are now 37 different human models.
  • Three new accessories added: a laptop, a smartphone and a tablet.
  • We’ve included a total of 6 animals in the Catalogue Browser.




  • Furniture layouts can now be exported from CET Designer without the need of having a floor plan imported.

RevLink Add-In in Revit:

  • Added Select All and Delete All functions. These will allow you to select/delete objects that were specifically brought in from CET Designer only.
  • Added feature for disabling the clearing of floor plans in Revit. This is particularly useful if you want to import multi-parts of a furniture layout.
  • Added feature to set the category for CET furniture layout/family file import.


  • Fixed crash that occurred when exporting empty custom parameters.
  • Fixed several problems related to being unable to import the layouts into Revit.
  • The Cost parameter for family files is now unchecked by default.
  • The Type list in Revit will now be updated correctly.



  • Removed the memory usage bar and madeĀ  minor adjustments to the user interface (buttons are now centralized in the tab). In case the model is very large, you will still be notified about this and asked if you still wish to continue.
  • Added dialogs to allow easy reporting and to display error information when a SketchUp file cannot be loaded.


Kitchen Accessories

  • Restored a number of missing kitchen accessories.

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