CET Designer is Running in Graphics Compatibility Mode

Last modified: Oct 02, 2018

Due to obsolecense, the simple graphics engine has been removed which could cause CET Designer to run in a compatibility mode. This means that the program runs in a software mode that does not make use of the graphics card at all; only the processor.

Each time CET Designer is started, a test is performed which decides whether CET Designer can run in hardware mode or if software mode has to be used, which CET Designer then switches to automatically. The software mode will let you load drawings even if your computer do not fully meet the system recommendations, or if your graphics card has faulty drivers.

Working in software mode is not recommended because:

  • performance is lower
  • visibility is poorer
  • textures are not available
  • moving objects in the 3D view, or rotating the view, will make objects look pixelated and the view less responsive

It is possible to turn the software mode on or off manually from the Extension Manager and Control Panel, but please note that working in software mode is not recommended.

If you get a warning message about compatibility mode in CET Designer, please review our system recommendations to verify that your computer meets or exceeds them. If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact CET Support.

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  1. Stephanie Tremblay-Dulong says:

    CET Designer is Running in Graphics Compatibility Mode. I’m getting a new computer next week but would like to see if I can turn this mode off with the computer that I have now.

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