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Last modified: Dec 03, 2018

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November 19, 2018

Important Notices

  • Starting from this release, CET Designer is only available in a 64-bit version. For computers with damaged graphics drivers or a graphics unit that does not meet minimum system recommendations, CET Designer will automatically switch to a fallback Software mode.
  • Help files have all been moved to online only. Pressing F1 will now instead direct you to the online help pages. There are, however, Reference Guides available to download in PDF format for offline reading. You will find them in the Downloads section of your MyConfigura account.
  • Due to changes done by Trimble, the owners of the 3D Warehouse, the SketchUp Extension 3D Warehouse button behaves slightly differently:
    On computers running versions of Windows older than Windows 10 (build 1803), the 3D Warehouse will open in your default web browser, whereas Windows 10 (build 1803) or newer will see the 3D Warehouse open in a separate dialog, as before.


Update – Patch 0 (December 3, 2018)

Solved Issues

  • Fixed problem that could cause Undo to not work for some Catalogue objects.
  • Fixed problem with the Linear Replicate tool that caused it to not be possible to lock replication direction through the arrow key shortcuts on the keyboard.
  • Fixed problem with the Filter dialog that could cause it to show as empty if only 3D was visible in the main view.
  • Fixed problem with the Property box docked in the upper left corner of a view, that could cause the Property box to become undocked if the view was moved too quickly.
  • Fixed problem with the Property box that could cause TAB key commands to not work for moving between fields inside the Property box.
  • Fixed problem that could cause a tiny, empty, Property box to appear when placing HVAC components.
  • Fixed problem with placement of HVAC junctions that could cause text labels to grow in size.
  • Fixed problem with View Ports that could cause a drop in performance when more than one imported DWG was visible in a locked View Port.
  • Fixed problem with custom View Modes created for Floor plan printouts, that could cause the custom view mode to be lost from the drawing if it was removed from the Print Reports dialog after closing the drawing.
  • Fixed issue that could cause a crash when using a tool for removing electrical components, on the floor, instead of on actual electrical components.


News & Changes

UI Changes to Component Tabs and Input Boxes

  • It is now possible to collapse a set of related component tabs into a single tab to save space if you have a lot of active tabs. You do this either by double-clicking on a tab, or clicking on the bracket inside the tooltip:
    This will collapse the selected tab group into a single tab, leaving the selected tab visible, with a small indicator that this is a collapsed group. Clicking on the group tab will select the top tab.
    You can re-expand the group by following the same steps used to collapse it.
  • The green and blue input boxes that were displayed during insertion of an object or when selecting an object in the drawing area, have been merged into one green Property box:
    The new Property box has an updated look with rounded corners, and is semi-transparent.The Property box defaults to a location in the upper left corner of your views, but can be moved around as you wish by grabbing and dragging it to a new location. You will notice that it docks to the view edges, but it can be placed anywhere in the view.A short left-click on the ǁ icon hides the Property box, while a long left-click on the ǁ icon lets you drag and move the Property box.The contents of the Property box are context sensitive, and will change depending on which action you are performing, or which object is selected.

New Feature: Spreadsheet Import

  • We have added support for importing spreadsheets into CET Designer. This is done using the Spreadsheet imported from file component, found on the Tools component tab:
    In order for the Spreadsheet import to work, you need to have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.Please note that imported spreadsheets are very similar to an imported image, and do not interact with the Calculation in CET Designer.

Stairs Extension

  • The component tab that was previously named just “Stairs” has been renamed to “Commercial Stairs” to help differentiate it from Industrial Stairs, and reduce the risk of mix-ups.
  • Renamed Riser Depth and Riser Height to Tread Depth and Tread Height.
  • Updated default width values for IBC and OSHA building code stairs.
  • Added tooltips to indicate allowed value ranges for different building codes when changing Tread Depth and Tread Height of stairs.
  • Railings are now automatically added to Industrial Stairs that follow building codes. Custom stairs will still place without railings.
  • Added option to control whether stairs following the IBC and OSHA building codes should have a guardrail extension or not:
    NoGuardrailExtension_95_eng GuardrailExtension_95_eng
    Without guardrail extension
    With guardrail extension


AutoCAD and DWG

  • Added support for AutoCAD 2019 format DWG files.
  • DWG layers will now be visible in the Filter dialog, providing greater control over visibility. Multiple imported DWG files with the same name are considered a group by the Filter.
  • DWG import should now be better at finding XREF:s if they are not in the same folder as your main DWG, resulting in fewer questions about locating missing XREF:s.
  • DWG import will now automatically select the scale detected in the file being imported, whereas previously it would always suggest “inches”. This also holds true for XREF files, where CET Designer will automatically detect and select the scale used in each DWG file. NOTE: if CET Designer cannot detect a measurement for a DWG file, it will default to inches.
  • A new option has been added for imported DWG objects; the right-click menu now has an option called “Unlink and convert CAD”. This will unlink the imported.


Catalogue Browser

  • The Catalogue Settings have been moved to the CET Designer Control Panel.
  • The Catalogues Explorer dialog will now automatically hide itself while you are placing objects. The dialog will reappear once you are done inserting objects.
  • The Catalogues Explorer dialog now remembers any changes you have made to its layout and settings.
  • The Catalogues Explorer dialog now lets you bookmark product series to more easily find them later. Once bookmarked, products will appear under the new Bookmarks tab.


Part Tagging

  • The Tag individually tool now supports the same click & drag actions as the Selection Rectangle, i.e. Top -> Bottom versus Bottom -> Top.
  • Improved usability for the Tag individually tool; you no longer have to click on the center you wish to tag.



  • When adding points to Custom Shapes and Calculate Area shapes, CET Designer will now show measurements to help make placement more precise during insertion:
  • The Remover tools specific to the Chain dimension, Calculate Area, and Custom Shape tools have been removed. They became obsolete following an update of the regular Remover tool, making it able to do the same job as these three different remover tools.
  • The 3D Dimension tools have been merged into the normal Dimension tools; CET Designer will now automatically detect whether you are placing Dimensions in the 2D or 3D views, and pick the correct Dimension for you.
  • CET Designer now supports snapping Lines or Dimensions to parts of imported images, especially if they are brought in from a good quality PDF that contains vector graphics. Where possible, detected lines will be highlighted orange to make it more clear which line you are snapping to.


Photo Lab & Movie Studio

  • A new Photograph setup feature can now be found in the Photo Lab – Denoising – that reduces the amount of “noise” that can be seen in some materials under certain lighting. As an illustration of what the Denoising feature can do, check out the floor surface in these renderings:
    Denoising feature disabled
    Denoising feature enabled
  • We have updated the names for some of the Light presets in the Movie Studio. “Normal” is now “Simple” and “Realtime” has been renamed to “Preview” which hopefully makes them easier to understand.
  • The “Office Lighting” option has been removed from the Movie Studio as it did not produce good enough results while also adding a lot of required render time. “Product Lighting” has been merged into the Natural Light option.At the same time, we have added access to more detailed settings for each of the Light presets to give you more control. You will recognize the settings from the Photo Lab.



  • Added support for the 3DConnexion SpaceMouse. If one is installed when CET Designer is started, it will automatically be recognized and available for use.
  • Replicate “Up (Height)” and “Down (Height)” have been renamed to “Stack up” and “Stack down” to help differentiate them from the “Up (90o)” and “Down (270o)” options.
  • Improved the Line Replicate and Rectangle Replicate tools to give better visual feedback and tie in with the movement aid option. The Line Replicate tool now also supports a more advanced replication style, which can be enabled from the Property box (“Lock component”).
  • The view focus point now defaults to being turned off. It can still be turned back on from the Control Panel.
  • The Floor plan section of the Print Reports dialog has been updated to conform with the new View Modes and Filter options.
  • Optimization of many of the models in the free Accessories Extensions should lead to some performance improvement on drawings containing lots of these objects.
  • We have streamlined the data handling for the Render Server program; this will reduce the amount of generated network traffic.
  • A new option is now available for Levels, letting you paste copied objects directly between levels. This tool will attempt to paste the object straight up or down to the selected Level, using the same X/Y position as its point of origin.
  • The Control Panel now displays the version number for installed graphics drivers.
  • A Brightness slider has been added to the Property box for imported images. This can be helpful in situations where you have a hard time telling the difference between a very bright/dark background and the objects you are placing on top of the image.
  • Improved .obj export to correctly group meshes for exported object.
  • A new control has been added to the Calculation View settings dialog allowing detailed control over desired rounding behavior:
  • Many new items have been added to the Industrial Equipment Extension; such as new Vehicles, Boxes, Ladders, and lots of Signs. Please note that these signs will not automatically snap to walls or other objects; for the time being they have to be manually positioned.


Solved Issues

  • Fixed problem that caused keyboard shortcuts for dropdowns in the Photo Lab to not show.
  • Fixed problem that could cause Windows to turn solid when adjusting the height or width of the walls they are were attached to.
  • Fixed problem that would cause the Calculation Bill of Material to always round down, based on rounding settings, when rounding was enabled.
  • The Filter list in the Calculation settings is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Fixed problem with Custom shape tags, that could cause objects within the shape to appear elevated if the tag was elevated before adding objects within the shape.
  • Fixed problem with Custom shape tags that could cause objects placed within the tag to be removed if the tag shape was removed.
  • Fixed problem with Categories for objects copied between different drawings, that would cause custom assigned Categories to not transfer to the new drawing.
  • Fixed problem with Architectural ceilings that would cause them to not update correctly in the 2D view.
  • Fixed problem with the Material Lab, that would cause it to not recognize files that ended with a capital letter file extension.
  • Fixed problem with the Visibility dialog for View Ports, that could cause unwanted view modes to be created.
  • Fixed problem with the Mass insert tool for the Structural Extension that could cause it to ignore settings.
  • Fixed problem with Revision history saved to .cmppr files, that could cause loaded papers to not correctly follow history in the drawing.
  • Fixed problem that could cause Reconfig tags to not appear in the Part Tagging dialog.
  • Fixed problem with Reload all for Reconfiguration that could cause it to not correctly reload all data.
  • Fixed problem that caused the keyboard shortcut entry for the Movie Studio to not show in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog.
  • Fixed problem with Omni lights, that could make it impossible to turn shadows on for newly placed lights.
  • Improved search speed and accuracy for the Catalogue Browser.
  • Fixed problem that could make the Catalogue Explorer dialog slow to open.
  • Fixed problem with Catalogue Browser spacing between columns in the Finish Legend.


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