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Last modified: Sep 24, 2018
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May 21, 2018

Important Notice

  • 9.0 is the last version of CET Designer that supports 32-bit systems. Starting from 9.5, this Fall, we will only produce and support a 64-bit version of CET Designer.

Update – Patch 4 (September 24, 2018)

Bug Fix

  • Fixed problem with graphical glitches in the Content Filter dialog.


Update – Patch 3 (August 21, 2018)

News & Changes

Time to Stack Up

  • The Replicate dialog now supports replication heightwise (along the Z-axis), as with the books and the sticky notes in this image:
    This tool will let you replicate objects up or down, but not below the base floor:



Copy and Paste with Custom Base Point

  • You can now copy and paste objects with any selected point as reference point, instead of the default object center. The tool can be accessed either from the Edit menu -> Copy with Base Point, or by using the Ctrl+Shift+C keyboard shortcut. This new tool can be used in two different ways:
    • Select the object(s) you want to copy, then start the tool.
      Then select your base point, and you are now ready to paste.OR
    • Start the tool.
      Use the selection rectangle on the mouse cursor to select the object(s) you wish to copy.
      Then select your base point, and you are now ready to paste.

Below is a short video that highlights these two methods. Also, please note that you can set the base point anywhere in the drawing area.

Known Issues

  • The Filter dialog does not automatically update if open while Part Tags are manually applied. You can force the dialog to update by closing and reopening it.
  • Copy with Base Point will copy items that have been locked, or would normally respond to the Copy command.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem with Filtering, that could cause it to not work with individual tags and item tags.
  • Fixed problem with Filtering, that could cause it to not work with the categories of sub-parts assigned by manufacturers.
  • Fixed problem with View Modes and Filters, that would cause switching view modes and applying filters to be slow.
  • Fixed problem with the Filter dialog that could cause Part Tags to not sort correctly.
  • Fixed problem with the Filter dialog that could cause it to filter incorrectly when tagging an object with a different tag from the same tag category.
  • Fixed problem with placing Dimensions, that could sometimes cause arrow keys to not lock the placement direction.
  • Fixed problem with Architectural walls, that could cause incorrect wall connections for some corners.
  • Fixed problem with door handle graphics, that could lead to door handles not showing correctly in the 3D view.
  • Fixed problem with Paper View, where undoing placement of some lines would leave traces behind.
  • Fixed issue with Paper View, where undoing more steps than had been used to place lines could cause a crash.


Update – Patch 2 (July 16, 2018)

News & Changes


  • Stairs can now calculate the number of steps and total run based on Building standards (OSHA, IBC and ISO for industrial stairs) (IBC for standard stairs).


  • Stairs will be properly calculated between landings if the landings are properly aligned for stairs placement.
     IndustrialStairsGood  IndustrialStairsNotGood


  • Landings can be placed as standalone objects.
  • New catwalk added, it can also be placed as a standalone.


Movie Studio

  • A preview function has been added to the Movie Editor; you can now preview a single frame in the movie by sliding to the desired time frame and then clicking on “Preview”.



    • A new Area light tool has been added to the Lights extension. This tool lets you draw an illuminated rectangular area in 2D and 3D space.


  • Area light is also available as an option in Ceiling lights. Enabling area lights will brighten up a closed space more naturally without having to add more light sources.



  • Added support for Revit 2019.
  • Added 3D export from Revit; you can now choose 3D views from your Revit project and be able to export those to CET Designer.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem with exported SketchUp models not looking complete in SketchUp.
  • Fixed problem with rotator appearing in the wrong position when working with dynamic SketchUp models.
  • Fixed issue with placement of some objects, that cannot exist on their own, that could cause a crash.
  • Fixed issue with loading of older drawings, containing imported spreadsheets, that could cause a crash.


Update – Patch 1 (June 19, 2018)

News & Changes


  • Added an input box for 3D Dimensions, to allow direct input of values during placement.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem with Inches and Fractions when typing in Dimension values that would cause it to discard some numbers.
  • Fixed problem with placing Dimensions that caused arrow keys to no longer lock placement direction.
  • Fixed problem with Dimension placement that could cause Undo to not work during placement.
  • Fixed problem with Filtering, that would cause it to not always work with individual tags for pre-8.5 version drawings.
  • Fixed problem with Filters that could lead to unwanted warning messages when loading a drawing.
  • Fixed problem with 3D Viewports that could cause Filters to be removed if the Viewport was rendered.
  • Fixed problem with very rapidly switching View Modes that could cause CET Designer to not keep up with the changes.
  • Fixed problem with Levels and Architectural walls that could cause some objects attached to the walls to get confused as to which Level they belonged to.
  • Fixed problem with Blocks that could sometimes cause them to think they belong to the Base Level, even when explicitly placed on a different level.
  • Fixed problem with Photo Lab rendering of Blocks; where the Outline overlay setting could cause some items inside Blocks to turn black.
  • Fixed problem with copying of Office Accessories from drawings created before version 8.5, that would cause the accessories to not be included when pasting into a new drawing.
  • Fixed problem with Japanese Hiragana keyboard settings in Windows that would not register pressing the spacebar to make changes in the blue input box.
  • Fixed issue with the Reconfiguration Tool, that could cause a crash when trying to save changes to an old Reconfiguration file that had been loaded and edited.
  • Fixed issue with placing Walls/Columns in certain drawings that could cause a crash.
  • Fixed issue with picking up objects from the Component tabs using Drag & Drop, that could cause a crash.
  • Fixed issue with moving panel sides that could cause a crash.
  • Fixed issue with snapping together similar objects of disparate sizes that could cause a crash.


Update – Patch 0 (May 28, 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem that would cause snappers with Locked Position to be copied if included in a selection.
  • Fixed problem that could cause CET Designer to run an unwanted check for broken tags.
  • Fixed problem with old 2D and 3D View Ports that could cause them to be non-responsive.
  • Fixed problem with 2D and 3D View Ports that could cause them to go unresponsive if the final step of using a tool ended inside a View Port.
  • Fixed problem with Visibility Settings that could cause the dialog to not recognise that a View Port had been selected; resulting in a message that nothing was selected.
  • Fixed problem with imported images/PDF files that would cause them have poorer performance, resulting in longer drawing load times or being slower when involved in undo.
  • Fixed issue with PDF import, that could cause a crash when loading a drawing containing imported PDF images.


May 21, 2018

News & Changes

Hot Off the Press: New Icons for all Configura Extensions

  • Giving all Configura Extensions new icons and logos is intended to help make them easier to identify and refresh their look. Below is an overview of the new icons to give you a sense of what they look like from now on. Please note that while we are replacing the old icons, three Extensions are taking the opportunity to also change their names:
    • Generic Storage -> Storage
    • Generic Electrical -> Electrical
    • Humans -> Characters


Visibility, View Sets & View Mode Creation

  • As you probably already know, View Modes are collections of Categories which controls what is visible in your 2D/3D views. New in this release is that you can create custom View Sets, containing one or more View Modes. You can also define your own custom View Modes containing only the Categories you need. This allows quick access to the View Modes you use the most, and lets you hide the ones you never use.ViewModeEdit


  • A new Filter tool lets you fine tune what is visible in your 2D/3D views and Viewports. The list in the Filter dialog contains items that are visible in the currently active View Mode. The Filter tool can be found in the Tools menu.


  • The Visibility Settings dialog for Viewports has been updated with new functionality and controls:
    • The View Modes tab has received an appearance overhaul and new functionality to bring it into line with the new View Modes functionality.
    • The Categories and Levels tabs have been replaced by the new Filter functionality.
    • As part of this transition we have removed Part Tagging from this dialog, as it was never intended to be used to control visibility this way.
      ViewPortVisibilitySettings Dialog


  • You can now create your own custom Categories and apply them to objects in your drawing for use with View Modes and Filters. As part of this change, we are also updating the Categorize dialog with new tools. But you can still work the old way if you prefer to. As part of this transition we have also removed Part Tags from the Categorization dialog.


Tools Updates and Enhancements

  • Added Line and Rectangle replicate tools to the Tools component tab. The existing tool has also been given a new icon to match the other two:


  • Added an option to make inserted images and PDF files visible in the 3D view:


  • Added the option of having a text attached to 2D arrows. The text will follow the leader and keep its relative position if the leader is moved or rotated:

    • Added a new option to Dimension Styles, letting you hide the trailing zero (0) for fractions.
    • Added new Data field option to show Alternative description.



3D Updates and Enhancements

  • Improvements for 3D objects inside of blocks should result in better looking 3D.
  • CET Designer will now dynamically adjust Level of Detail for the 3D view based on the current performance of your computer. If the system notices a slowdown, it will automatically switch more models to a lower Level of Detail in an attempt to keep performance up. This means that smaller drawings will automatically see higher details on objects in the 3D view. Larger, more demanding drawings, will use lower detail objects to keep performance high.



  • Renamed “Key bindings” to the more widely recognized “Keyboard shortcuts”.
  • Added many new models to the Home Extension; we have almost tripled the number of available objects!
  • Movie Studio now supports rendering movies using the Natural light preset.


Solved Issues

  • Improved precision when placing 3D Dimensions.
  • Fixed problem with Dimensions and the “Text & Dimensions on 2 lines” option, that could cause inconsistent behaviour. The first line will now always show the dimension value, and the second line will have the text.
  • Fixed problem with Dimensions and the Fill background option, that could cause the filled background to place itself on top of the text. Causing the text to be hidden when printing.
  • Fixed problem with Dimensions, that could cause the stretch point to be hidden behind the background fill when enabled.
  • Fixed problem with Dimensions, that could cause text to not keep its position when the “text rotated” option was enabled.
  • Fixed problem with Dimensions, that could cause the text position to be reversed (inside or outside) when loading an older drawing.
  • Fixed problems with automatic text positioning for Chain dimensions.
  • Fixed problem with the “D” keyboard shortcut in Paper view, that would create a massively oversized Dimension.
  • Removed the “Follow main viewmode” option from view ports to reduce confusion, as it would always result in those view ports printing the “normal view mode”.
  • Fixed problem with tree views on secondary monitors that could result in graphical artifacts when scrolling.
  • Fixed problem with moving of the 2D/3D view divider, and Windows 10, that could cause extra unwanted lines to appear.
  • Fixed problem with the Material Explorer dialog, that could cause the buttons at the bottom of the dialog to disappear when resizing it.
  • Fixed problem with right-click menu not always showing Paste options for text and images.
  • Fixed problem with background update installation that could cause it to fail if internet connection was lost during install.
  • Fixed problem with background installation that could cause it to fail after thinking some files were locked.
  • Fixed problem that could cause Floor coverings to hide CAD files.
  • Fixed problem with PDF creation and very high DPI images, that could cause the images to not be included in the PDF.
  • Fixed problem with Levels and changing thickness in the “down” direction, that would cause objects to move when they should not.
  • Fixed problem with removal of holes in levels, that could cause holes to not be removable if they were made using Coverings.
  • Fixed problem that could cause text in Paper View to appear to move when locking/unlocking View Ports.
  • Fixed problem with individual tags for Symbols from the Symbol Extension; they can now have their position lock/unlock just as other tags.
  • Fixed problem with editing of Blocks, that could cause the wrong alternative to be selected when exiting Block edit mode if that block was used in multiple alternatives.
  • Fixed problem with Blocks that have a line break in their name, that could cause RevLink export to fail.
  • Improved handling of model quality levels for plants to improve performance.
  • Improved handling of model quality for objects that put too much load on the computer. Such objects are no longer allowed to switch to those higher quality levels. But they can still switch between their lower levels as needed. Note: this does not impact model quality when rendering images or movies.
  • Objects will try to use a higher quality level when inserting them from the component tab, to show better details for the object currently being placed. This also applies when using copy/paste of five or fewer objects at a time, but not to Blocks or Favorites (which can contain an arbitrary number of objects).
  • Fixed problem with SketchUp 3D Warehouse, that could cause the dialog to stop opening after being opened and closed multiple times.
  • Fixed problem with ProjectInfo that could cause exported data fields, containing a Time value, to be exported as empty.
  • Fixed problem with pCon objects, that could cause replication to be slow.
  • RevLink now supports importing and exporting files using Chinese or Japanese characters in the file name.
  • Added missing Chinese translations for the Virtual Viewer and Render Accelerator.
  • Added support for Unicode characters in attachments when sending in e-mail reports from CET Designer. This works with Windows 8, and newer versions of Windows.
  • Fixed problem that could cause the Render Server to select an incorrect IP address after restart, even after setting the preference.
  • Fixed problem that would let the PC go into sleep mode while rendering an image for someone else with the Render Server.
  • Fixed problem that could cause the Render Server to select an IPv6 adress, even though they are not currently supported.
  • The Render Server installer now includes more needed files, to fix problem with required system files missing in Windows.

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