CET Designer 8.5

Last modified: Mar 26, 2018
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Update – Patch 4 (March 26, 2018)

New Features

  • Improved visual feedback when placing Dimensions in 2D; you will now see an indicator when the Dimension has detected a line or object that it can snap to.
  • Added ability to remove individual holes cut in Custom Shapes or Levels.
  • Added a new tool to make selection easier when multiple objects are on top of each other in the 2D view. You can access this either through the button in the 2D toolbar, or by simply holding down Ctrl and right-clicking in the drawing:
    After clicking, you will be presented with a list of the names of all the items beneath the pointer. Clicking in the list will select that object:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem with .dwg export, that could cause CAD blocks placed in Paper View to not export correctly when the paper is exported.
  • Fixed problem with Help Lines that could cause their start and end points to wind up at different heights. Help Lines will now end at the same height as they were started at.
  • Fixed problem with SketchUp export that would cause “extra” mesh lines to be visible in the exported objects.


Update – Patch 3 (February 26, 2018)

New Features

  • We now automatically calculate the area of all Levels; this information is presented in the level’s Quick Properties box, and follows the Area Style settings for units and decimals.
  • Added a new keyboard shortcut for the Lasso select tool (default: Ctrl + middle mouse button/scroll wheel).


Bug Fixes


  • Fixed problem with Dimensions automatically moving arrows; preventing them from being forced back inside through the Quick Properties.
  • Fixed problem with Dimensions that could cause the background color to overlap (and hide) the Dimension arrows.
  • Fixed problem with Dimensions that could cause the Quick Properties to display the color selection field, even when the Fill Background option was not checked.
  • Fixed problem with Dimensions automatic arrow placement, when placing a very narrow Dimension. This could lead to the Dimension not accepting changes to arrow placement in its Quick Properties.
  • Fixed problem with Dimensions that caused the quick property checkbox for placement of Dimension arrows to not work.
  • Fixed problem with Dimensions that could cause rotated text to sometimes overlap with dimension lines.
  • Fixed problem with Dimensions that could cause arrows to be on the inside of the Dimension, even though automatic handling should have placed them on the outside.
  • Fixed problem with Dimensions and text rotation that could cause undesired extra lines to appear.
  • Fixed problem with Dimension selection rectangles, that could cause them to not update correctly when the Dimension is inverted.
  • Fixed problem with Chain Dimensions that could cause text to overlap measure lines; texts should now automatically move out of the way.


  • Fixed problem with Loading of Favorites containing DWG files, that could trigger multiple messages about “Loading dwg”.
  • Fixed problem with the Data Fields [user name] and [user email] that could in some cases cause the field to go blank when printing.
  • Added missing Finnish and Norwegian translations for Levels.
  • Fixed issue with 3D Dimensions and Elevation Views that could cause a crash; 3D Dimensions should not be visible in Elevation Views.
  • Fixed problem with copying of objects between drawings, that could cause the copied objects to lose applied custom Categories.
  • Fixed problem with objects on inactive Levels not always correctly showing dotted outlines when loading drawings.
  • Fixed problem with the Virtual Viewer and HTC Vive controllers, that would cause the travel indication line to show up as blue, instead of intended red.
  • Fixed problem with the Virtual Viewer that could cause the view to become empty when moving or resizing the dialog.


Update – Patch 2 (January 15, 2018)

New Features

  • Looking for those steel structures to build up your space or warehouse?Then you should take a closer look at the new Structural Extension! Here you will find steel beams of various types that follow the AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) standards, and a set of trusses. It is also possible to specify custom beams.structural
  • Added support for SketchUp 2018.
  • If the dimension line is too short for the dimension text to fit during placement, the text will automatically move to clear the dimension line.
  • Arrow heads are now automatically placed on the outside, if the dimension line is too short to fit them nicely. We have also added a new option, Arrows Outside, to the Dimension quick properties box that lets you force an outside placement of the arrow heads.
  • You can now add a background color to dimension texts, to help increase visibility.
  • It is now possible to set up custom categories in the Categorization dialog.
  • Added an option to the Cad dwg/dxf dialog that enables CET Designer to embed the Cad file in the drawing. This is to prevent the Cad file from potentially being lost when the drawing is loaded on a different computer.

Changes and Fixes

  • Improved speed when exporting to SketchUp.
  • Exported objects should now be movable independently in SketchUp, instead of being one single large object.
  • Fixed issue with SketchUp export that could cause a crash.
  • Fixed issue with SketchUp import that could cause a crash when importing certain models.
  • Fixed various crashes, bugs, performance, and drawing load issues with Stairs, Landing, and Railings.
  • Fixed problem with the graphics not showing when loading drawings.
  • Fixed problem where CET Designer would crash after copying/pasting worksurfaces.
  • Fixed problem where components would not be added automatically. This only affected certain kitchen users.
  • Fixed problem with CET Designer crashing during part tagging.
  • Fixed problem with the select rectangle not remaining active after use; preventing it from being used repeatedly without having to select it each time.
  • Fixed problem with CET Designer not being able to save to the FBX file format.
  • Fixed problem that would make new view windows close when pressing the Esc key.
  • Fix for problem that caused panels to leave a trace of end caps when being moved with the arrow keys.
  • Fixed problem that would cause .cm3d models to lose connection with its referenced file; if removed or renamed.
  • Fixed problem where CET Designer in some cases would incorrectly try to clean up locked files.
  • Fixed problem where the background installation process would time out when waiting for the user to respond to the log in dialog. Now, the installation will show a notification message that it is waiting for response instead of timing out.
  • Fixed problem where HTC Vive controllers could not be used to navigate the space in the Virtual Viewer Extension.
  • Added missing terms and translations in multiple locations.


Update – Patch 1 (December 11, 2017)

New Features

  • Added support for exporting individual Papers from Paper View to .dwg format. Due to limitations in the .dwg format, not all contents can be exported; most notably inserted images and 3D View Ports.
  • Added a notification to drag & drop of SketchUp files, to warn 32-bit users that the format is no longer supported for 32-bit versions of CET Designer.

Changes and Fixes

  • Improved shadow quality for Product Lighting when rendering movies using the Movie Studio.
  • Improved clean-up of old update files once they are considered expired, 14 days after first being installed.
  • Improved performance when importing larger DWG files.
  • Fixed problem with loading drawings that can in some cases cause overhead storage/shelving units to lose their elevation.
  • Fixed problem with 3D Dimensions, that would cause them to not face the camera when printing 3D View Ports.
  • Fixed problem with 3D Dimensions, that would cause the ends of dimension lines to not correctly follow the set color.
  • Fixed problem with 3D Dimensions, that would cause the ends of dimension lines to not be correctly rotated.
  • Fixed problem with 2D Dimensions that could cause the Gap and End Line options to not work correctly.
  • Fixed problem with the Photo Lab that, in some situations, could cause the thumbnail preview to lose its orientation sync with the main view.
  • Fixed problem with saving and loading custom presets in the Photo Lab, that could cause settings involving 360 panoramas to incorrectly reset their resolution back to default.
  • Fixed problem with the Photo Lab that could cause it to display an incorrect tooltip when hovering over a rendered image in the main view (claiming it was on an inactive architectural level).
  • Fixed problem that could cause CET Designer to be unable to start the simple graphics engine, if the user’s Windows user name contained Chinese characters.
  • Fixed problem with background installation of updates when the user’s “My Documents” folder is not available.
  • Fixed problem with background installation of updates, that could cause CET Designer to correctly install the updates and shut down. But then fail to restart itself automatically.
  • Fixed problem with the turn on all-function in the Extension Details dialog, that could cause all Extensions to instead be turned off.
  • Fixed missing English and Swedish translations for the Material Lab opacity and bump settings.
  • Fixed problem with Material Lab for some translations where too long words would overlap some controls.
  • Fixed problem with placement of Rectangles in the Paper View, that could cause some rectangles to not update correctly during placement.
  • Fixed problem with panel stretching, that could in some cases cause attached storage/shelves to not correctly adjust to match new width.
  • Fixed several bugs with Railings for Stairs.
  • Fixed problem with Revlink export to Revit that could cause Soffits to always be exported in an inverted position.
  • Fixed problem with loading old drawings, that could cause accessories to get locked into only showing a lower detail level version of themselves.
  • Fixed issue with creation of a new Paper in the Paper View, that could cause a crash.
  • Fixed issue with Spiral stairs that could cause a crash.


[open printable version]

November 20, 2017

News & Changes

Implementations from our User Poll

Following our user poll earlier this Fall, we are proud to share with you that three of the alternatives have been implemented:

  • Voting Winner: RevLink Now Exports Materials

    The RevLink Extension now supports exporting materials to Revit 2018. Please note that enabling this means export will take longer due to the added size of the materials.


  • Voting 2nd Place

    Movie Studio now supports using Product Lighting as a Light preset option, for even better looking movies.

  • Voting 3rd Place

    You can now change the scale of your Office Accessories.


New Keyboard Shortcuts

  • New keyboard shortcut options have been added for a couple of commands:
    • Explode block (default: Ctrl+Shift+B)
    • Select and Pan the 2D View to your CAD zero point (default: Ctrl+H)


Easier to Tell Papers Apart in the Paper View

  • Paper names are now shown inside the paper miniatures.
  • Added buttons to skip to first / last paper in longer series.


Updates in the Tools Component Tab

  • You can now place dimensions and measure distances in 3D.
  • Added tool for removing parts of Chain dimensions.
  • Added support for moving the Dimension numbers to custom location along the Dimension line.
  • Added options to change color of Dimension lines and arrow heads.
  • Dimensions now also support changing line style.
  • Added new arrow head styles to the Arrow tools; all styles available for the Dimension tools are now also available for the Arrow tools.


Updates in the Control Panel

  • A new option has been added to the Control Panel, letting you redirect the location of the CET Documents folder to a location of your choosing. This is intended to help in situations where the IT policy means your “My Documents” folder is on a networked location.ControlPanelSettingCETDocumentsFolder_85_eng
  • New option added to Control Panel, for enabling/disabling the Movement aid tool. Note that the movement aid is on by default.ControlPanelEnableMovementAidOption_85_eng


New Door Option and Window Look

  • Added option to Architectural doors, to show/not show a threshold.
  • Architectural Windows now support a “vaulted” look.


Latest Updates Now Installed Without Interrupting Your Work

  • A new background installation system means you no longer have to stop working to install the latest updates. CET Designer will do this for you in the background, and when you are ready to move up to the new version, just click “Restart With Updates”. The update will wait until you click that button, so no need to worry if you wish to restart normally in between.
    InstallingUpdatesInfo_85_eng UpdatesInstallationComplete_85_eng


Added Support for New Formats and Versions

  • CAD Import now supports AutoCAD 2018.
  • RevLink now supports Revit 2018.
  • Added support for exporting to the .fbx format.


Removing Tags or Alternatives

  • You can now select and remove multiple Tags simultaneously from the Part Tagging dialog.
  • Added support for removing Alternatives without having to first select them in the dialog.


Removed 32-bit Support for RevLink and SketchUp

  • The SketchUp and RevLink Extensions are now only available for 64-bit CET Designer. It is no longer possible for us to support 32-bit versions, following changes made be the respective owners Trimble and Autodesk. Trimble (the owners of SketchUp) stopped supporting 32-bit versions with SketchUp 2017. Autodesk stopped supporting 32-bit versions with the Revit 2015 version, three years ago.


Improved Texture Handling in Material Lab

  • CET Designer will automatically indicate when unnecessarily large textures are brought in. We do not recommend using textures larger than 1024 px, or with a DPI higher than around 13. CET Designer can automatically optimize you texture for you. Simply click the Optimize texture button, and the text will be adjusted to  match your size settings.


Solved Issues

  • Fixed problem with PDF import that could in some cases make the picture disappear.
  • Fixed problem with printing of floor plans that contained a PDF image, this could cause the image to wind up at a different location in the printed document.
  • Fixed problem with PDF export that could cause parts of the export to become blurry when image files were present in the floor plan.
  • Fixed problem with resizing of imported PDF file that could cause it to turn red.
  • Fixed issue with loading of drawings with imported PDF, that could cause a crash.
  • Fixed problem with Drag & Drop PDF import onto images placed on architectural walls.
  • Fixed problem with imported PDF files that could cause them to look blurry in the 2D view.
  • Fixed problem with loading of drawings that contained imported PDF images, that could cause the imported PDF image to not load.
  • Fixed problem with resizing of imported PDF that could cause the image to be lost and replaced by the red X placeholder.
  • Fixed problem with replacing imported PDF that could cause the image to become mirrored.
  • Fixed problem with Part Tagging dialog that would cause all categories to always expand when the dialog is opened.
  • Fixed problem with creation of Favorites that could sometimes cause unwanted objects to be included.
  • Fixed problem with renaming Levels through the Level overview, that could cause the cursor to keep jumping to the end of the field.
  • Fixed problem with View Ports that could cause text in the view to move when locking/unlocking viewports.
  • Fixed problem that could cause the order of the View Mode buttons in Paper View to change.
  • Fixed problem that could cause dropdowns from Quick Properties to get misaligned when using multiple monitors.
  • Improvements to DWG handling means importing and handling of some DWG files will now be faster (better handling for lots of Splines).
  • Fixed problem with CAD import that caused load of drawings, containing multiple references to the same DWG file, to be very slow.
  • Fixed problem with architectural doors and windows that could cause them to be filled with wall.
  • Fixed issue with creation of Editable Articles that could cause a crash.
  • Fixed problem that could cause architectural windows to get flipped when moved using Single Select.
  • Fixed problem with copy/paste of objects, such as architectural windows, that could cause attached objects such as blinds or window sills to go missing.
  • Fixed problem that could prevent the color picker tool from working with Custom Shape objects.
  • Fixed problem with the Replicate tools that would not correctly include the original object in the total count, causing overlapping objects.
  • Fixed problem that could cause Edit Graphics objects to become invisible when selecting multiple.
  • Fixed problem that could cause the Radius Dimension to not correctly snap to custom Levels.
  • Fixed problem with Calculation that would cause line count to skip a number when ignoring a line that has a zero item count.
  • Fixed problem with Carpets that could cause them to hide lower parts of some objects near floor level, and caused flickering when viewed from far away.
  • Fixed problem with Calculation that could cause sorting by the Comment column to not work.
  • Fixed problem with the Image on wall object, that would make it not accept material changes to the image frame.
  • Fixed problem with the Image on wall object that could cause it to be invisible when viewed from the back.
  • Fixed problem with pinned tabs that could in rare cases cause them to lose pin status, or come in the wrong order when CET Designer is restarted.
  • Improved 3D performance for Industrial Stairs.
  • Fixed problem with SketchUp Extension that could cause models to repeat more than once in the “recent” section.
  • It should now be faster to place objects from the “recent” section in the SketchUp Extension.
  • Fixed several issues with the Render Accelerator that could cause a crash.
  • Fixed problem that could cause the Render Accelerator to get stuck trying to assign jobs to machines that had gone offline.
  • Fixed problem with rendering 360 movies, that could cause an incorrect percentage progress to show when resuming rendering.
  • Fixed issue that could cause Movie Studio to crash if a finished frame got corrupted for any reason.
  • Fixed problem with IFC and RevLink export that could cause minor details to go missing due to Level of Detail dropping parts that would normally be hard to see.
  • Dropped support for Zoho from the CRM Connect Extension.
  • Fixed issue with CRM Connect that could cause a crash when removing certain keys.
  • Fixed problem with Office Accessories, where one of the presentation screens and one of the laptops had incorrect rotation for some of their contents.
  • Fixed problem with Kitchen Accessories glass candle holders that made the glass distort the candles too much during render.
  • Fixed problem with some Kitchen Accessories not being Categorized as Accessories.
  • Fixed problem with some Home Extension beds incorrectly indicating that they belonged to a price list.
  • General speed improvements for DWG and SketchUp import.

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