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Last modified: Sep 18, 2017
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Update – Patch 5 (September 18, 2017)

Kitchen Accessories and Home Extension Updates

  • No more oversized leeks or bottles! All models in the Kitchen Accessories and Home Extension, respectively, now have a scaling slider in their quick properties that lets you scale them up or down in size.
  • In this update, we have fixed the incorrect behavior that made tables unable to hold smaller models. Thanks to a new support surface you can now go ahead and place objects on top of any table in these Extensions, and they will stay put.


Update – Patch 4 (August 21, 2017)

Apart from bug fixes and smaller changes, this patch release also contains new functionality. All you need to know is listed here!


News and Changes

New Extension: Home

Several objects have moved out from the Kitchen Accessories and given a more suitable home; beds, pillows and fireplaces join rugs and door mats in our new Home Extension:


Since we are moving items out from the Kitchen Accessories Extension, everyone who has it installed will automatically get the new Home Extension installed to ensure retained access to the moved objects.


Updates to the Kitchen Accessories Extension

The Kitchen Accessories Extension has seen several updates. Following these changes, if you previously had Kitchen Accessories installed, you will automatically get the Lights and Plants and Flowers Extensions installed (if you do not already have them) in order to retain access to objects that were removed or moved out from the Kitchen Accessories.

  • All kitchen accessory  models have been updated to a more modern look with higher graphical fidelity.
  • Lamps and lights have been moved to the Lights Extension, and given a graphical update.
  • The few plants that were previously in the Kitchen Accessories have been removed.
  • Some sections of kitchen accessories have had their contents reorganized to make more sense.



  • A new Radius dimension tool has been added. This tool will snap to curves in you drawing, and automatically calculate the radius of the selected curve.RadiusDimensionTool_80_eng
  • A keyboard shortcut has been added for placing a Cad (dwg/dxf) zero point in the drawing area. This shortcut does not come with a default key set, but you can set your own shortcut through the Keybindings dialog (File -> Keybindings …)
  • SketchUp export now supports exporting only specific parts of your drawing, similar to how CAD export functions. Please note that you will need to have the SketchUp Extension installed and enabled for SketchUp to be a valid export option.
  • The Graphical Snapping window will now remember your settings, and retain them for you next time it is opened. If the window was open when you last exited CET Designer, then the window will automatically open next time you start CET Designer. Reminder: Graphical Snapping settings only apply while the window is open.
  • Changed dimension texts to display zeros for even values when a fraction option is selected.
  • Movie Studio paths now have an increased maximum movement speed of 3 (up from previous 2), and a new maximum elevation of 200 meters (up from 10 meters).


Solved Issues

  • Corrected remaining references to Floors; all locations in CET Designer will now correctly refer to the concept of Levels when dealing with multi-level buildings.
  • Fixed problem that would let a locked Cad (dwg/dxf) zero point be deleted.
  • Grouping (keyboard shortcut “G”) now persists when freezing objects, and will remember being grouped after unfreezing.


Update – Patch 3 (July 17, 2017)

  • Objects from the Generic Electrical, Kitchenette and Office Accessories Extensions have been updated for improved 3D performance.Note that this patch is downloaded and installed in the background, and that you do not need to take any further action to get this update.

Update – Patch 2 (June 19, 2017)

  • Added option to the Print Reports dialog to use old PDF style saving (immediately open PDF in your reader), for those who prefer the old method of saving to PDF while we work on an improved solution. This option becomes available once the Create an Adobe PDF document box has been checked. Please note that using the old method means you once again have to manually save the PDF from within your reader.OldPDFMethod
  • Fixed problem with TAGS data not correctly exporting to SIF for some Extensions.
  • Fixed problem with multiple levels that could cause objects to not correctly be removed when all the related levels had been removed.
  • Fixed problem with multiple levels where removing a level by pressing the Delete key could cause related objects to become invisible while still remaining in the drawing.
  • Fixed problem with Project Info that could cause it to take a long time to open.
  • Fixed issue with Stairs that could cause a crash when working with custom railings.
  • Fixed issue with placement of Symbol Library objects that could in some cases cause a crash.
  • Fixed issue with Reconfiguration Tool that could cause a crash when selecting and deselecting Proposed blocks.
  • Fixed issue with Reconfiguration Tool that could cause a crash when attempting to merge empty blocks.
  • Fixed problem that could make it possible to edit non-editable data fields.

Update – Patch 1 (May 30, 2017)

  • Render Accelerator improvements:
    • Added option to disable the use of automatically added computers in your resource list.
    • Computers in your resource list will now indicate if they are already busy working on a job, or if they are free to accept new jobs. CET Designer will prioritize sending jobs to computers that are currently free, before queueing them with already busy machines.
  • Fixed problem with copy and pasting of objects, while using the movement aid. This could cause some types of objects to get lumped on top of each other in the same location (ignoring their previous positions relative to each other).
  • Fixed problem with quick properties for Dimensions that could cause the Precision dropdown to show duplicate number options, or have missing options.
  • Fixed problem that could cause slowdowns when moving or rotating objects in larger drawings, when a 2D View Port was present in Paper View.
  • Fixed problem with the Custom Shape Tag tool and multiple levels, that could cause the tool to tag all levels, instead of only the currently active level.
  • Fixed problem with texts if a drawing had been saved using a Chinese font setting, and the recipient’s Windows could not find an equivalent western font. This would cause CET Designer to use the default Arial font, and not display this in the quick property.
  • Fixed problem with custom data fields, generated by some Extensions, that would sometimes not print properly.
  • Fixed problem with unlocked View Ports, that could cause them to appear to lose their custom view mode settings when switching between Paper View and normal 2D/3D. View ports would still print correctly, only appearing to lose their settings.


[open a printable version]

May 15, 2017

News & Changes

Voting Winner: Custom Shape Tagging

  • Your votes have been counted, and custom shapes for tags won the most votes! This new tool can be found in the Part Tagging dialog:


Mirror tool for Edit Graphics

  • Since it received a fair number of votes, we are also adding support to Edit Graphics (Meshes) for mirroring parts/whole objects:


Polar Replicate tool

  • Close behind mirror functionality in the poll was a Polar replicate tool; a long standing feature request. You can find this new tool in the Tools component tab:


Revision Cloud Addition

  • An alternative Revision Cloud tool has been added; requiring fewer clicks to get a shape into place:


2D Ellipse now Available


Calculation Dialog Updates

  • The Calculation dialog now offers tooltips with more information about what is going on when prices have been manually changed, or manually changed prices are affected by a currency change.


Movie Studio Updates

  • The Movie Studio sees several improvements:
    • Movie Studio now supports rendering 360 degree videos. These videos can be used on MyConfigura or other websites, but please notice that IE11 and iOS do not support playing them. This is because the CET Designer 360 videos are VR videos, which are not currently supported in IE11 or iOS.
    • We say farewell to the old Record camera path
    • New tools have been added to the Exporting Movie dialog, letting you immediately resume an aborted render. You can also step through finished frames, or directly open the folder containing your work in progress.

New Light Component

  • The Lights Extension has received a new light tool – the omni light source – that will cast light in all directions, and not itself show up on renderings.


Stair Extension Updates

  • The Stairs Extension has been updated in multiple areas:
    • We are expanding the Stairs Extension with styles and materials focused on those found in the industry and storage sectors. These new items get their own tab:
    • Multiple stairs can now be attached on the same side of a landing.
    • Landings are no longer flush to the last step, and are instead a “step” of their own.
      To accommodate this change in the landing’s position, the default values for stairs have been slightly adjusted. This will not alter existing drawings.
    • Railings can now be added to just about everywhere around the staircase.
    • New rectangular style handrails have been added.
    • Indicators and text have been added to the 2D view, to show which way is Up for the stairs. You can turn these indicators On or Off from the Quick property settings, and the text can be controlled through Styles.


Architectural Tab Updates

  • Separating Carpets from Levels:
    To avoid confusion, we are clarifying the naming of the tools in the Architectural tab. The sections containing advanced tools for adding levels to a building also now default to being closed.


Other News and Changes

  • Base trim is now available as an option also for thin walls.
  • Added a confirmation question for deleting Alternatives, to prevent accidental removal.
  • Added keybinding option for the Zoom in all objects Use of this shortcut will affect the view you last clicked in. The default binding is ALT-+.
  • Added support for the HTC Vive, you can now use this VR headset with the Virtual Viewer VR Extension.
  • The Photo Lab now supports changing picture order in Simple mode, in the same way as in Advanced mode (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+L or Ctrl+R).
  • Windows now support a greater number of horizontal and vertical bars (new max 100, instead of old 5).
  • Added support for image transparency in images placed in the 2D view, such as seen with the .PNG and .GIF image formats:
  • The Reconfiguration Tool Extension now has a merge tool that lets you create a merged view of blocks from within the same level in a reconfiguration chart. This is intended to make it easier to get a collective overview of all current Excess from or Reuse from block contents.
  • Performance improvements for the Reconfiguration Tool; leading to faster response times.

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Solved Issues


  • Fixed problem with the Browse tab and the find component command, that when triggered would not always show the correct indicator arrow.
  • PDF Export will no longer automatically generate a PDF file on disk; CET Designer will now instead ask where you wish to save your file.
  • Fixed problem with percentage type columns in Calculation, where using the step buttons to go above the maximum range could cause the value to jump by x100.
  • Fixed problem with the Lock position option for imported image/PDF that would cause the setting to not have the intended effect. We had previously removed this checkbox to prevent confusion, this fix means it is once again available.
  • Fixed problem that could cause 3D clipping tools to affect the floor.
  • Fixed problem that could cause rendered View ports to appear empty, but still print ok.
  • Fixed problem with Light elevations, they are no longer limited by the ceiling height or the presence of multiple floors.
  • Fixed problem with Lights that could cause them to snap incorrectly to multiple floors.
  • Fixed problem with the Project Info Extension that could cause dates from the data field to be invisible.
  • Fixed problem with the Project Info Extension that could cause read-only type fields to be editable.
  • Fixed problem with the Project Info Extension that could cause data fields from other Extensions to disappear.
  • Added support for Chinese characters to the Project Info Extension.

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