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Last modified: Feb 25, 2019
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The spreadsheet displays the set of features in the current catalogue. To work with attributes directly on the feature, work with the cells in spreadsheet. To work with the options on a feature, begin editing that feature by pressing the editFeatureIcon icon on the right side of the feature’s row header. More information on working with spreadsheets can be found in the Spreadsheets section, and information on features may be found in the Features section. The following is a summary of the columns in the Features spreadsheet and how they are used to work with features.


Every feature requires a unique identifier. This is the code by which the feature is referenced throughout the catalogue. New features can be created by entering a code into an empty cell. And likewise, deleting a code from this column will remove that feature from the catalogue. In order to maintain the uniqueness of the feature codes, any time the user enters a code that is not unique, the creator will add characters to make the code unique, before submitting the change to the catalogue. Any leading/trailing spaces will be highlighted in yellow to prevent unwanted space.


These columns allow for human-readable descriptions of the feature. Note that there will be a Description column for every language that is enabled in the catalogue. This is the text that will be used to describe the feature on a product placed in a drawing.

Domain Difference

Compares the selected feature with all the other features in the library; The defaulted value would be n/a (not available) when no feature is selected. The comparing domain includes option codes, description and sub-features.


This column is only visible if the catalogue has vendors enabled. To select the vendor for the feature, click the button on the right side of the cell. A popup will appear with a list of the vendors on the current catalogue. Select a vendor from the list to assign the feature to it. For more information on vendors, see the Vendors page.

Default Option

This column is used to set the default option for feature. The field will only be editable if the feature does not have the multiple selection or optional selection flags set on it. The text here should match the code of an option on the feature.

Group Code

This column is used to carry a characteristic name as distinct from the feature code so that a characteristic name could be defined multiple times with a unique option selection.

Selection Flags

The Functional Selection, SKU Selection, Multiple Selection, and Optional Selection columns are used to set selection flags on the feature. The flags can be set and unset by selecting the check box in their fields.

Omit On Order

This column allows setting or resetting the omit-on-order flag on a feature. It can be set and reset with the same method the selection flags can.

Material Applications

This column is for reference only. It lists the material applications applied directly to the feature. This cell cannot be edited directly, however, values may be copied between these cells.

Filtering & Sorts

Right click on any column header to access to this features; Click to add more filter for a more refined search result.

Contains : Filters row that contain the search keyword,  could be case sensitive or insensitive.
Doesn’t Contain : Filters row that does not contain the search keyword,  could be case sensitive or insensitive.
Contains Option : Filters features that contain the search keyword as option,  could be case sensitive or insensitive.
Contains Sub Feature : Filters features that contain the search keyword as sub features,  could be case sensitive or insensitive.
Equals : Filters row that matches the search keyword.
Doesn’t Equal : Filters row that does not match the search keyword.
Begins With : Filters row that begins with the search keyword.
Ends With : Filters row that ends with the search keyword.
Only Selected : Filters row that is checked.
Only Not Selected : Filters row that is not checked.


Right click menu

Show uses in Navigator

Right click on feature code’s cell to access to this menu; This menu allows you to see products linked to this feature in the  Navigator window.

Filter Features with this Option

Right click on option code’s cell to access to this menu; This menu filters the feature that contain this option in the feature spreadsheet.

Duplicate row

Right click on the index area of features to be able to duplicate feature row which includes the option list.





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