Adding or Removing a Render Resource and Resource Details

Last modified: Apr 11, 2017

On the Render Accelerator component tab, there is a button for opening the Resource Details window where you will find information about each resource in the rendering network:


The information listed for each resource is the following: computer ID, state, (protocol/address/port) used for communication with it and whether it has been automatically or manually added.

Green color indicates that the resource is answering and seems to be okay (this check is done every 10 seconds), while red color indicates that the resource is not answering or that it is answering strangely.

The two buttons at the bottom of the window are for adding or removing a resource. To add a resource to the network, you need to enter the computer name (as long as you are on the same subnet) or the IP address of the computer that you wish to add. The remove button can be used for removing resources that have been manually added, but is greyed out and cannot be used for automatically added resources.

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