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Version 2.7

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With the release of CET Designer® 2.7, the BETA stamp has been removed from the Reconfiguration Tool and it is now fully available to everyone!

The Reconfiguration Tool in CET Designer is a fast and easy way to manage inventories and reconfigurations of complex facilities. It is easy-to-use, with basic graphical representations in flowchart form that allow you to compare different scenarios for reconfigurations to optimally reuse existing installed and warehoused products. This tool considers both CET Designer drawings and PM SIF files, and lets you prioritize pulling items from certain locations.

The Reconfiguration Tool is a separate Extension which is downloaded and installed from the Extension Manager. After installation, you launch it by clicking the Start Reconfiguration Tool button on the Reconfiguration Tool component tab. This opens a new window with a pre-made flowchart.

The top half of the window displays the flowchart while the bottom half shows a calculation view listing all the articles within a selected block.

An overview of the Reconfiguration Tool window.

During the initial months following the release of the Reconfiguration Tool, there may be limited support for some features. Not all manufacturers have had the needed time to adjust their Extensions to all features in the Reconfiguration Tool. We therefore encourage you to keep an extra eye out for undesired deviations that could indicate incorrect results.

Known issues with the Reconfiguration Tool

  • Changing Catalog in the Article View, either in the Reconfiguration Tool window or the main window, does not take effect in your reconfiguration. This is a known issue which will be fixed for future versions.
  • Another known issue that we are working on is that the Article View below the reconfiguration chart includes rows with zero quantity. However, these rows are by default excluded from printing or exporting the article view. 

>> Go to the CET Designer online manual to read more and get started with the Reconfiguration Tool.




  • Inclusion of “Sold to” and “Distributor” in the header for printed Article Views is now user optional and an option has been added to include rows with zero quantity when printing.


  • Improved compression should reduce overall file size for created PDF documents by around 30%.

Photo Lab 

  • Automatic 3D clip handling will now automatically turn off all 3D clips when closing the Photo Lab.

  • If rendering of an image fails for any reason, that render job progress bar will turn Red to indicate the failure.


Solved Issues


  • Fixed problem with render in a separate process for the advanced graphics engine (this is ON by default), where drawings using alternatives with names containing either “.” Or “$” would cause the final image to never be returned to CET Designer.
  • Fixed problem with failed contour rendering in 3D View Port in Paper View that could potentially result in an endless stream of messages stating that CET Designer “Failed to render image”. 
  • Fixed problem with printing or creating a PDF file of Article Views containing certain specials that could generate extra empty columns, resulting in a strange looking printout.

  • Fixed issue with moving of columns in Calculation that could cause a crash.

  • Fixed problem with Categorize and View Ports that made CET Designer ignore visibility settings for objects with custom categories applied to them.

  • Fixed problem with Advanced graphics engine and older type materials that could lead to similar objects displaying the same material despite the user setting different materials on the objects.

  • Fixed issue with using “Take a photo and render in Photo lab” that could cause a crash.

  • Fixed problem with CAD import for some files that could result in a massively oversized orange selection box incorrectly being displayed.

  • Fixed problem with Calculation not correctly displaying selection of rows when selecting objects in the drawing area - the rows would show as selected, but only as long as the mouse button remained pressed. 

  • Fixed issue with Order Export to XML that could lead to a crash.

  • Fixed issue with changing elevation of panels that could cause a crash.

  • Fixed issue with switching between Alternatives that could lead to a crash.

  • Fixed issue with placing and dragging objects at the same time that could lead to a crash.

  • Fixed issue with the Edit Graphics extension that could cause a crash when stretching objects.

  • Fixed issue with activation of the Movie Studio extension that could cause a crash in rare circumstances.

  • Fixed issue with floor properties that could cause a crash.

  • Fixed issue with inserting of Favorites containing a light source that could cause a crash.

  • Fixed issue with panel junctions that could potentially cause a crash.

  • Fixed issue with animation properties (the blue box in the top right corner during object placement) that could lead to a crash.



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