Why partner with Configura

A few weeks ago, I stood up in front of about 30 people at our biannual Partner Meeting and thought, “Wow. Look at what we’ve built together!”

Representatives from Configura, Haworth, Steelcase, Teknion, KI, Inscape, Midmark, Tranquil, Maars, OFS Brands, Herman Miller and ProjectMatrix had gathered in a conference room at the Renaissance SeaWorld at Orlando the day before our 8th annual CET Designer User Conference. We were there to talk about the technology and how to make it even better.

The next day, we welcomed nearly 300 people to the user conference, a record number of attendees from the Americas and Europe – including contract furniture manufacturers, dealers, interior designers and IT professionals. It was pretty amazing to stand on that stage and look out over a room filled with people.

Twenty-five years ago, it was just three of us – Sune Rydqvist, Göran Rydqvist and me. Together, we created software that made it easier to sell configurable products, which we initially developed just for Sune’s office furniture company, S Line.

But our solution was rooted in a philosophy and technology – Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC) – that we realized had power far beyond only our use. And so, our life’s work became extending PGC to others.

Over the years, additional companies became believers in this new way of specifying products and adopted Configura’s PGC-based solutions for their own space-planning needs.

It was slow going at first. But we remained committed to the journey – and so did our customers, whom we consider partners. Today, we count more than 50 global partners in industries as varied as contract furniture, material handling, industrial machinery and more. In fact, one of our partners makes dairy-milking equipment!

“We were looking for more than software. We were looking for a comprehensive solution – something that would solve the problem of selling complex, configurable products. We wanted a company that understood this problem, knew how to apply technology to solve it and that we could see ourselves working with long-term.” – Steve Eriksson, Principal Consultant, Channel Development, Steelcase

Like Steve Eriksson with Steelcase said, they were looking for more than software.

And that’s the unifying factor among all of our partners. The Why they chose, and continue to choose, to partner with us.

Yes, Configura makes great software products. But it’s what the software is rooted in – and the ongoing cultivation of this solution by us and our partners – which sets us apart. Together, we’ve formed a community that today extends not only to our manufacturing partners but also to independent software developers, companies and educational institutions.

Because our customers are our partners, they too can develop and deliver PGC solutions.

It’s possible because of the Configura Extension Technology (CET) platform that we’ve built. We want to our partners to be in control of the entire process. In fact, the CET platform is a consequence of our collaboration with our partners through the years. It is because of them that this platform exists.

The ultimate purpose of the CET platform is to support the implementation and use of world-class business solutions built around CET Designer. The platform lets our partners create, control, market and use CET Designer to their advantage. With this technology, our partners have the opportunity to grow their own businesses and earn income based on what they create. 

At the Partner Meeting in Orlando, we introduced a new whitepaper on the CET platform. You can read the paper here: http://configura.com/whitepaper.

There are so many reasons to become a Configura partner, and we invite you to learn more at http://configura.com/partner. But I encourage you to do more than read about us. We’re a community of people! Contact us! Even better, consider joining us at our next Partner Meeting, which is March 15, 2016, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

Having more partners means we get more energy, focus and feedback into developing our solution and making it better for everyone. We want to work with the best of the best. It doesn’t really matter where you are in the world. What matters is that you want to work with more than just a software company.

This is the moment!

By Johan Lyreborn

Johan Lyreborn is cofounder of Configura and CEO.