Reuse back-end data for multiple planning and sales tools

Planning systems are widely used to improve customer experience - giving the consumer instant quotation and visualization that can lead to a better understanding of what they’re buying. Another advantage such a system can provide is to collect back-end data into one location to reuse in multiple solutions.

Your products. Your data. It should as simple as that. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Even in a world where information is more accessible than ever, many companies struggle with collecting their data in one place – especially when it comes to planning systems.

One solution for many systems

Seeing this problem, we created a solution to collect product data in such a way that it can be reused for many different solutions. Our data driven Catalogues solution is a way for manufacturers to have full control over both entering data and how and where they use it.

Catalogues is mainly used to enter products into our planning and configuration tool CET Designer. However, because of our standardized API, it’s possible to integrate and re-use the data with other systems to satisfy different scenarios in the sales process. The data can also be exported to the open standard OFDAxml.


Enter and own your back-end data

We have developed an entire platform for our partners to create, control, market and use their products data. Catalogues is a part of this platform and is created to give the power to our partners – i.e. the manufacturer. Partners can enter data completely by themselves using our tools, hence having full control over their data – we also offer consultancy services and expertise to help enter data. Our tools are created to guide through the process and validate before anything can be publicly available, ensuring the best experience to the end user.


The flexibility for each manufacturer to handle their own data means that it’s in their control to update and make changes whenever necessary with no middle man involved. The customer can always access their data through our tools, the standardized Catalogues API or export it to OFDAxml. This means that the same back-end data can be used for multiple solutions with just one place to make updates.

What about online stores and consumer versions?

Many of our partners ask us about creating an online store with the data they use in CET Designer. With a Catalogues solution, the same data can be connected and presented through an online store. Another possibility is to use the data for a simpler configurator online. We have a history of connecting CET Designer with multiple systems to create a seamless sales process - read more about it in Connecting CET Designer with ERP and other systems and 5 ways our new cloud solution will revolutionize.

The bottom line is: don’t complicate development. Use the same back-end data to power professional planning systems - such as CET Designer - as well as simple online stores and consumer solutions.

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By Johan Gustafsson

Johan is Key Account Manager at Configura and he’s responsible for current and new customers.