How Live Design can improve your sales process

“Complexity is easy to create – you just keep adding and it will turn into a monster. You have to take a step back, take something away, refine, refactor, rework and then reflect if this is the best possible way that we can make this or not. That’s how you simplify.” – Göran Rydqvist , VP of R&D at Configura

At Configura, we live by the word simplify. This has been our motto for many years, and a principle we have worked by from the start. Software should be simple and a user should be able to easily understand how to work it.

We can see many benefits with using simpler methods and more visual software. One of the strengths we see our customers benefiting from today is the concept of Live Design.

Simplify your sales process with Live Design

The sales process used to involve many people – the customers talked to sales, who forwarded the information to the designer who took these ideas to create a proposal that the sales person brought back to the customer who in turn gave feedback that the sales person brought back to the designer who had to make the changes to fit the new requirements.

Just that sentence alone makes you tired, doesn’t it? Imagine living it…


The sales process presented above is a tedious process and a reality for many. It usually requires many turns before finalizing the actual design – and then you still have the specification left to do before you can send the order.

But with simpler and more visual software, new possibilities emerge.

A new concept our users and partners swear by today is the idea of Live Design. This is where the designer sits down and works in real time together with the customer to create the layout. No middle-man!

As the changes can be made in real time and on the spot, this method of working saves many turns - which can be translated into time and money - in the sales process. The role of the sales person and designer merges, and more steps are completed automatically or eliminated with the help of software.

It needs to be done right

Of course, this way of working requires a certain kind of software that can speak to the customer.

A designer might be able to envision a new office or kitchen in their head, but the CEO of a telemarketing company most likely won’t.

3D images speak to people. Experiencing their new space before it is even built – even if it’s just virtual - gives the customer a sense of ownership of the design.

But just having an image of the space isn’t what we call Live Design. Live Design need software that allows you to work in real time in front of the customer.

For that, you need to be able to instantly change furniture, cabinets, materials, etc with immediate response to what you see.

That’s when you can start working in front of customers and give them the power to make their changes on the fly to create their ideal space.

That power can be a deal breaker in the sales process.

That power will make the customer comfortable and secure in their decision – resulting in a successful project.

But it’s not just software… it’s also about people

We’ve met resistance in the past when we’ve presented this concept because it means a big change to an ingrained process.

Our software presents many possibilities but to truly take advantage of it, it’s not just about buying the software. It’s also about getting people to truly adopt it and use it for its strengths.

That means change.

And change is scary.

Change could mean changing people and their roles at the company.

With Live Design, designers take on a bigger roles as they work closer with the customer. Ultimately this is a win-win situation as it opens up more time for the sales person to find more business.

Our software enables the designers to take on this increased workload as everything is tracked and specified in the background as you’re working. So when the design is done, so is also the specification. Talk about saving time!

The ultimate results of introducing Live Design is a more efficient sales process with less steps, shorter sales processes and better customer experience.

Call us crazy, but it works.

Read more about Live Design

We see more and more of our users adopting this process of working. You can read more about how our partner Steelcase uses this concept to make the sales process more efficient or hear the story directly from our users through the many success stories they have submitted.

Software matters and the kind of software you use is important because both the user and viewer experience can make a huge difference.

Live design is here to stay. Are you ready for it? Are you ready to simplify?


By Brooke Snow

Brooke is Configura’s Business Development Manager at the Grand Rapids office.