Volume Discounts on CET Designer & Extensions 

Number of Users/Subscriptions Discount Percentage
10 or more 30 %
5 25 %
4 20 %
3 15 %
2 10 %
1 0 %

Subscription discounts are granted on a per dealership and buyer basis.  This means that each dealership should appoint a buyer to coordinate licenses and maximize their discount. Each buyer can set their subscription period but we recommend coinciding your subscription period with the calendar year, and we’ll gladly prorate your order.

When your number of subscriptions increase during the subscription period and a new discount level is reached, the additional subscriptions will be calculated and prorated per the new discount percentage.  Subscriptions already invoiced are not recalculated or refunded per the new discount percentage.

For new customers the discount is automatically applied.  For existing customers the discount is applied to the forthcoming subscription period.

Call 1-877-CET-0808 for assistance.