Best of CET Designer® AWARDS

Grand PrizeGrand prize: Brand-new computer with high-end graphics card and with a new CET Designer license (for Best Success Story).
CET Designer Awards are now closed for entries. Thank you for all entries!
Share your incredible work using CET Designer in the Best of CET Designer Awards Program. It’s free to enter and the deadline is Sept. 30!
  • Multiple submissions: Encouraged!
  • Cost: Free!
  • Do I need to attend the CET Designer User Conference to enter? No!
Award winners announced during the 6th annual CET Designer User Conference in Grand Rapids, Oct.9-10.


1.     Best Success Story

This is the category that awards a new computer, high-end graphics card and CET Designer license to the winner. There are award prizes in the other categories as well.
Share a success story – a project that you completed in CET Designer that won your dealership work, made a client happy or one that you’re just plain proud of!
We’re encouraging projects of all sizes.
If the work is confidential or you don’t want to mention the client’s name, that’s OK: simply black out or remove any client names/references/logos/etc.
You don’t need to be a CET Designer “rock star” to win – in other words, although great renderings and videos created in CET Designer are awesome – and if you’ve got them, include them with your entry – what we’re really looking for in this category is a description from you about the challenge or opportunity you faced, and how CET Designer helped you overcome that challenge or meet that opportunity.
To include with your entry:
1.       A document describing the project:
  • Type of client (i.e., a bank, a law firm)
  • Size of project (number of work stations, offices, floors, approximate square footage)
  • Type of facility (i.e., new construction, renovation, historical, unusual architecture)
  • Challenges/opportunities the project presented – and any special client needs or requests
  • How you met your project goals and objectives using CET Designer (i.e., “We won the work,” or “We successfully installed the project with zero errors”). If possible, use measurable results – the amount of time saved, money saved, etc.
  • If you have them, include client testimonials and reactions to your work!
2.       Any supporting materials created in CET Designer that will help us to judge your work:
  • 2D and 3D images (.jpg, .png, .pdf)
  • Renderings
  • Fly-thru videos
  • Bills of materials
  • Installation documents, etc.

2.     Best Video

Send us your best fly-thru video created in CET Designer.


3.     Best Rendering

Send in a high-resolution .jpg  that shows your creativity with any size project and product.