CET Designer User Conference follow up page

Configura just wrapped its 5th annual CET Designer® User Conference – the free two-day learning, brainstorming and networking event for CET Designer users, dealers and manufacturers Haworth, Spacefile, Steelcase, Teknion, KI and Mepal.

Awards Program

Rendering Category

First place
Yvanie Brosseau – Trium Mobilier de Bureau
Second place
Shay O’Malley – Fluid Interiors
Third place
Tammy Christopherson – Canfield Business Interiors

Video Category

First place
Tracy Corona – Target Commercial Interiors
Second place
Kristen McWethy – Bkm Officeworks
Third place
Debbie McGowan – Tangram Interiors

Best Success Story

Steve Schwartz (Canfield)

Type of client: Roadtown Wholesale Trading Company
Size of project: 15,000 sq. ft.
Challenges/opportunities the project presented: Client 2,000 miles away from dealership. Local code loosely follows British standards, decision making by “large” committee. Scope included never before done approaches. They needed an effective way to communicate as project developed via webinar verses on site. We needed a tool to help our client visualize every detail. When on site, we needed to make changes on time, department by department (12 of them).
How you met your project goals and objectives using CET Designer: In the beginning phases of the project, CET allowed the designer to quickly create options for workstation design by utilizing the “alternative” feature. The designer was able to effectively communicate in both 2D and 3D the options available to the client without taking an intense amount of time to do so. With the realistic capabilities of Photo Lab, the designer was able to make the space look as close to real life as possible by adding scenes, lighting, and materials. The rendering time is quick compared to most 3D rendering software which allowed the designer to create multiple renditions for client selection.
Instead of using catalogs and websites to describe to our client what their reception area would look like, the designer was able to utilize a combination of CET’s extensive furniture library, Project Spec extension, and Sketchup to effectively show the client various option. We were able to get instant feedback on the overall design by using such visually detailed renderings. By utilizing the “freeze” tool, CET allowed the designer to isolate the various departments and make changes to that specific area without disrupting the entire plan. Each department was able to focus on their workstations only, without being distracted by the other department layouts.
CET provided the designer the ability to make quick material changes, thus enabling her to effectively show a client what their decisions look like immediately. This allowed our client to feel confident in the selections they were making and made our design development phase of the project much more effective with the limited amount of time (2 ½ days) we were able to spend onsite.Much of the space planning work was done prior to the designer’s arrival onsite. With CET, the designer was able to make any of the changes quickly, which allowed for an accelerated turn-around time on this fast paced project. This allowed the designer to only make one site visit to finalize the layout of each department. Utilizing the split screen capability provided by CET, The client was able to watch their department evolve as the designer worked in the 2D view. All decisions were made more confidently, knowing they could see exactly what they were getting, which cut down immensely on the “back and forth”, via emails, that can often happen in a project of this size with this large a distance between dealer and client.



Johan Lyreborn
Welcome and Introduction


Nicklas Dagersten
Configura and CET Designer Update - What's New and Upcoming

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Cate Sword
Design Checks and Process Change



Steve Schwartz
Management Roundtable Discussion

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Jason Lund
Hardware, Network Optimization With CET Designer

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Tammy Christopherson
CET Designer as a Sales Tool

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