Configura's Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC) technology has revolutionized the sales and order process for companies across the globe. We do more than develop software: We offer business development, innovative custom software design, training and on-going support. Our PGC-based solutions make it easy for manufacturers to empower their sales teams to do more and sell more. Read how our solutions can help you to reduce costs, increase revenues and simplify complex selling processes.

Configura offers solutions for these industries:

Commercial Furniture

Selling office furniture requires a complete solution that saves time and money and eliminates errors. We can help you. 
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Kitchen and Bath

Selling kitchens and baths requires a new approach that simplifies and automates selling close to the end-customer. We can help you.
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Material Handling

Makers of conveyers, racking, shelving, workstations and lifts require software that yields time- and cost-savings. We can help you.  
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Industrial Machinery

Selling functionally complex and configurable industrial systems requires a robust solution. We can help you.  
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A book that introduces a new approach to the problem of selling configurable and component-based products. 
Order a hard copy book free of charge by sending us an orderPGCbook [at] configura [dot] com (e-mail)
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Configura delivers solutions that simplify complex selling processes. 
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