You will need the CET Developer Platform to participate in CET development projects.

You will then need a license to run the CET Developer Platform. The Developer Platform is licensed using a yearly subscription fee.

All subscriptions to CET Developer Platform include basic e-mail support regarding installation and set up at no additional charge. See subscription fees to the right.

Please contact us at developer [at] cet-extension [dot] net if you are interested in using the CET Developer Platform.
Additionally, you will need to be a CET Partner in order to;
  • Publish your own Extension.
  • Receive montly income from your own Extension.

Extended Services

The following services are available for Configura CET Partners and can be added to your CET Developer Platform subscription at extra cost.

Developer Support

We also offer extended support with guaranteed e-mail response within 24 hours, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m – 8:00 p.m EST. Includes e-mail, telephone and/or online chat with Configura CET Support staff.

  • $500 USD per year and per Developer (individuals)
  • $5,000 USD per year for a Partner (organization)

CET code repository service

This gives you the following benefits:

  • A secure server where your code is stored and backed up daily 
  • Automatic updates – no need to download new versions of CM
  • Frees your computer/server from storage requirements
  • Interface more easily with other CET Developers
  • Develop Extensions from wherever you have Internet access


  • $850 USD one-time fee per Developer
  • $200 USD per year per Developer maintenance/storage fee

CET Developer Platform

6 000

The yearly subscription fee includes:

•CET Developer Platform
•Basic support 

CET Developer Platform is the ground breaking development environment with you are able to develop Extensions for CET Designer.