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Your sales teams will work twice as fast as with CAD tools, reduce errors and create stunning renderings. CET Designer is the only program that you’ll need.

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What CET Designer can do for your dealership

Your design and sales teams can do it all in CET Designer:
Layouts. Quotes. Renderings. Installation drawings. Movies. Reconfigurations.

  1. Your design and sales teams can work twice as fast and produce more for your clients.
  2. You can reduce, even eliminate the other software that your dealership uses.
  3. Your dealership can reduce errors and specify with confidence.
  4. Your designers can create stunning photorealistic renderings.
Paul Riches


“Compared to other tools in the industry, CET Designer stands out through its intuitiveness, support structure and ease of use. We don’t have to sit for hours pouring over spec guides and manually auditing drawings because there is an inherent confidence in the software’s accuracy. From a business perspective, it has an unmatched ROI. Our internal processes are far more efficient because of CET Designer. In fact, we’ve cut our production time up to one-half – which lets us do more for our clients. CET Designer is simply the best all-in-one solution in the marketplace.”

Paul Riches Team Lead for Planning and Visualization Heritage Office Furnishings

The Key!

”With CET Designer, we’ve cut our work time in half by only using one program for design and specification of contract furniture. All of my customers have been amazed by the speed with which we’re able to create renderings and revisions with incredible photorealistic quality – they love being able to visualize their space and know exactly what they’re purchasing. CET Designer helps us to design creatively and specify with confidence.”

Tammy Christopherson
Interior Designer
Canfield Business Interiors

Tammy Christofferson

Here’s how to get started

1. Your team members create a free trial account

  • Give free trials to your design and sales teams by using the form above (a design or sales person can always sign up at at any time).
  • When they have created an account they are ready to start using CET Designer.

2. Purchase licenses now - optional

  • You can always purchase licenses now. We have a generous discount model, which will lower your costs.
  • You can always add more licenses and still get the discount, as long as the same person at your dealership purchases the licenses.

3. Let your team become experts

You are all set to do more business

Call us at 877-238-0808 and talk to an expert. We’ll help you every step of the way.

Volume discounts on CET Designer

License discounts are granted on a per-dealership and per-person basis. Each dealership
should have one person coordinate licenses to maximize the discount.

  • 1
    license 0% discount
  • 2
    licenses 10% discount
  • 3
    licenses 15% discount
  • 4
    licenses 20% discount
  • 5
    licenses 25% discount
  • 10 and more licenses 30% discount

We’ll help you every step of the way.
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