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What’s new in CET Designer 5.2

CET Designer 5.2 is the release with a little bit of everything for everyone – it’s the release where we fixed a long list of feature requests from our users


Over 600 new materials in Material Pack

Did you go to the lighting and material breakout at the CET Designer User Conference? In that session you learned how to make your own materials, but we simplified it for you. With the new Material Pack Extension you will get 500 new materials. Go to our Marketplace to install it – all materials will turn up in your Material Explorer.

Still missing materials? Let us know by sending a Material Request. Learn more


The winner - 2D Positions

This was the winner in our voting poll. Control in which layer your 2D such as lines and revision clouds will appear. 

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The runner up - transparent walls

Runner up in our poll was transparent walls in your 3D work area. You can now adjust the transparency on individual walls so you can easily see into individual rooms and make gorgeous renderings.

And as we’re talking about walls, check out these awesome base trims. 

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Calculate oddly shaped areas

You can of course use this awesome tool to calculate a rectangle room as well but the strength in this tool is that you can now easily calculate also odd-shaped rooms. Learn more


Tabs in your custom tools box

A continuation on last release’s success: Your custom toolbox now have tabs so you can organize all your tools, products and features into categories instead of just a long list. Create a custom toolbox for fast access or pick out specific products for your sales meeting. 

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It has never been this easy to count

With the new Incrementer tool you can label your rooms with just one click. Add prefix and suffix and click away, the number will automatically increment. 

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Improvements in Photo Lab

Make your presentations more impressive with this simple feature – render your drawing and go full screen straight from PhotoLab. 

We’ve also added clipping, which means you can choose when walls and products should disappear from view as you zoom in. 

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Receive notifications from your Briefcases

Get updates from all your Briefcases as you work. Get weekly tips on how to use CET Designer more efficiently and the latest updates about the User Conference, releases and training. 

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This is just a short list of all the new features in CET Designer 5.2. Read the full list of our new features, changes and fixes in our release notes.