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What’s new in CET Designer 6.0

More feature requests, an improved Movie Studio and more tools to impress your customers with - these are some of the things we offer in CET Designer 6.0. 

Our feature poll winner: Custom Shapes

We listened to your requests and are now proud to launch the Custom Shape Tool. Create your own shapes and objects like work surfaces and countertops – or let your imagination run wild. What will you create?


Render videos while you work

Check out the great improvements to the Movie Studio. You can now let your movie render in the background as you continue to work on your projects. Choose different light settings, enjoy the improved quality and feel comfortable to pause and resume your video rendering without losing data. We've also updated the format from .wmv to.mp4.


Render in your 3D view

Get high quality preview renderings in your 3D view. View Render replaces the Quick Render feature and lets you use your default settings, or your own Custom Render Presets, to get faster, nice looking previews.  

Improved 3D Clipping

Better control and easier to use. We've upgraded the 3D Clipping tool to make it easier to include and exclude objects in your renderings. 


Preview shadows in Photo Lab

See how your shadows will behave before you spend time on a full-blown render. Make adjustments and get that perfect rendering in no time. 

Make it straight

It’s now easier to move objects in a straight line without having to resort to tools. This new aid is triggered automatically when moving objects horizontally or vertically in a straight line. When triggered, you can also enter an exact value for the distance you wish to move the object.


Calculate curved areas

You loved the Calculate Area function – now we made it even better. Add or remove points to an existing shape, create curves and freely move around the text.

Choose your rotation point

You can now pick a custom point to rotate your object around, instead of the normal center-based rotation. This new point can even be placed outside of the object you wish to rotate!


This is just a short list of all the new features in CET Designer 6.0. Read the full list of our new features, changes and fixes in our release notes.