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What’s new in CET Designer 5.0

With a new, modern look, CET Designer 5.0 is about personalization and improving the way you work and present.


Create 3D PDFs for your clients

No need to create several renderings or videos, with the 3D PDF Extension you will be able to save 3D PDFs - dynamic PDFs that let you rotate, zoom and view your 3D drawings in Adobe Reader. Download it from our Marketplace.

Create your own custom toolbox

Skip a few clicks and speed up your workflow by creating a custom, free-floating toolbox with your favorite tools and products. You can also customize current toolboxes by hiding particular sections that you never use.

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Pin your component tabs

As if your own toolbox wasn’t enough, we also made it possible for you to pin your favorite component tabs to the top so you always have easy access.

New align tool

Now even those non-smart SketchUp objects can snap right into place. The new align tool helps you to fast and easy align and place objects in your drawing.


Customize your experience with Work Modes

We’re removing the old user levels Standard/Expert (we’re now all experts). Instead we’re introducing another way for you to customize your experience through Work Modes.

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New options for Part Tagging

For easier access, color control has been moved up next to the tag names. New option has been added so you can select all objects belonging to a specific tag.

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New selection indicators for the 3D view

Now you can change the big box around your 3D products to a sleek outline. Make these settings in the revamped Control Panel.

Create bigger drawings with 64-bit

With CET Designer 5.0 we’re taking advantage of modern computers and launching a 64-bit version. This version can handle larger drawings without slowing down as we can utilize more system memory.

Note: You will need to download a new CET Designer if you want to use the 64-bit version, as it’s not possible to patch a 32-bit installation into 64-bit. The 64-bit version will be released at the end of May.

Do you want to try out new features before they're released? Right now we're looking for people who want to try the new 64-bit version of CET Designer 5.0. Sign up to be in our test group.

Behind the scenes at Configura

Meet our programmers that have created the new features in the “Behind the scenes at Configura” series.

Magnus Carlgren - Align tool

Andreas Ekbom - 3D PDF

Agnes Larsson - Customize your toolbox

Staffan Linderoth - Work modes

Read the full list of our new features, changes and fixes in our release notes.