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What’s new in CET Designer 4.2

When it gets dark outside, we bring color inside.
For the new CET Designer 4.2 we wanted to make your November a little brighter. Your favorite utility Extensions have been revamped and now comes with fifteen new, colorful icons to brighten your everyday work. Which one’s your favorite? New Extensions!

New Extension: Humans.

Make your drawings come alive.

Humas Extensions

It’s now easier than ever to add human models into your drawings. Through the new Humans Extension you can choose everything from sitting, standing or walking, see-through-silhouttes or lifelike people with multiple clothing options - the choice is all yours. Use them for scale comparison or just to make your rendering come alive.

Install it here

Catalogues are finally here.

Suggest the manufacturers you want to see.

All the talk about Catalogues has finally paid off. It’s here! And now, we want to know whose products you want to find in the Catalogue Browser.

It’s all actually pretty easy. Just suggest the manufacturer you want to see in the Catalogue Browser. This is your way to make an impact and truly customize CET Designer to what you want it to be. So go in and suggest and spread the word.

Suggest your favorite manufacturer

Unkonow objects

Unknown objects.

Load drawings without the required Extension.

Now you will never have to worry about Extensions when sending drawings to your co-workers. With CET Designer 4.2 you can load drawings containing objects from a specific Extension you may not currently have installed. Objects that are not recognized will display a texture to indicate the missing data, but will still allow you to continue your work with the drawing without the Extension. Once you have the right Extensions again, all data will be shown correctly.

Control Panel.

Make changes based on region.

We’ve made it a little easier for you to make all your regional-related settings by adding a new tab to the control panel: Region. The Region tab will automatically collect and apply settings based on the region of the world you’re in, such as language, currency, currency format, default distance unit and date and times formats.



Apply changes to frozen objects and blocks

In the new release we have listened to your concerns and changed some of the scheme functions. As usual, you can make major changes in your drawing by using schemes, but you can now also choose to apply these changes to objects that have been frozen or placed inside Blocks. No more explosions, no more hairs being pulled out. Just a simple check-box is the answer to all your problems.

And also, you can now enable 2D view of frozen objects!

Paper View.

Updates and improvements.

We made some nice, time-saving updates to the Paper View. One neat update is that you can now select multiple papers by simply holding down the Ctrl key and clicking select/deselect. Or why not stop going through all the troubles and just rename pages directly in the Paper Manager! We also added some cool buttons just for you: Enable/Disable, Rotate and Page Setup. Try them out and let us know what you think.

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