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RevLink in Revit Architecture

About the RevLink Extension

By downloading and using the RevLink Extension you will be able to create families and synchronize drawings back and forth between Revit and CET Designer using a TCP/IP connection. Manufacturers and dealers can use the Family exporter feature to create components from CET Designer objects that they can distribute on their webpage or directly to the architects. The architect can then use these components in Revit.

When the dealer synchronizes the drawing from Revit to CET Designer, the objects retains its intelligence. With the synchronization tool the dealer and architects can cooperate without having to use more than their own application.
RevLink is now supported in Revit Architecture 2010/12/13 and 2014

RevLink Add-In in Revit Architecture

In order to let CET Designer connect to Revit, the RevLink Add-In needs to be installed in Revit Architecture. This is a server that is listening to port 22088, however, it is possible to change the port when it has been installed. In the RevLink Add-In you cannot do any actions more than closing the server or reverting the changes the server has done to the drawing. When the CET Designer user is connected to RevLink Server, he has the ability to synchronize drawings and create Family files.   

To get started, click on the following link to download the executable file:

  • The executable file contains both 32 and 64-bit versions of RevLink
  • The executable file can be applied to all supported versions of Autodesk Revit Architecture
  • If you do not have CET Designer installed but would like to have the Add-In on Revit 2010, you may be required to install the latest Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable. Please visit this website.
  • To update an existing RevLink plugin, please download the executable file.
Close Revit Architecture if you have it open and launch the executable file to install the RevLink Add-In. It is advisable to restart your computer thereafter to finalize the installation.That’s it! RevLink can be located on the Add-In tab of Revit Architecture the next time it is launched.