Configura not affected by the Heartbleed bug

LINKOPING, SWEDEN – April 14, 2014 - There has recently been a widely publicized bug regarding OpenSSL known as "Heartbleed". Since we have gotten some questions regarding this, we at Configura wanted to inform you that we have not been affected, since we are not using any of the vulnerable versions of OpenSSL.

"We’re happy that we never were affected by this bug. We’re always working to ensure security, and the integrity of our users is most important to us,” Chief Information Officer Tobias Wester said.

What is Heartbleed?

In short, Heartbleed is a bug that enables anyone on the internet to extract a random chunk of memory - up to 64k - from a server, and without the server operator being able to detect it. This means that with enough time and effort, a hacker might extract passwords, private keys and pretty much anything else located in the memory of a server.

More information about the Heartbleed bug can be found here

NeoCon 2012

Configura’s trek to NeoCon ’12 started with a Crown Vic – a big boat of a car that’s anything but “cool” compared to the cute izzy+ Mini-Cooper that wedges between the semi-trucks lining “Merchandise Mart row” during NeoCon Week.

Programmed for Design

Configura software is photo realistic, so the office space looks like it will when built out, complete with the proper fabrics and finishes.

Configura Las Vegas

The company’s next release, CET Designer 2.6.3 will give users the ability to add watermarks and speed up rendering.

Article by Rob Kirkbride, MMQB
This article first appeared in the Oct 31, 2011 edition of MMQB.

This Week: Configura Conference

Article by Rob Kirkbride, MMQB
This article first appeared in the Oct 24, 2011 edition of MMQB.

A funny thing happened over the course of the last four years that Configura has held its CET Designer User Conference. The user conference was designed as a way for Configura to get feedback on its space planning software from users. Yet the conference has turned much more collaborative. Users are teaching each other best practices at the conference held annually in Las Vegas. And Configura executives couldn’t be happier.

Photo Realistic

Photo loab
Photo Lab produces renderings so realistic that the software eliminates the need for any other add-on-tool or outsourcing of the rendering function, according to the company.

By Rob Kirkbride

Configura's Roundtable

The folks at Configura, the Swedish space planning software company, feel the office furniture industry (and many other industries, for that matter) is too complicated. Office furniture has almost endless combinations and parts and its easy for even the most experienced industry veteran to mess up the plans or forget parts for an order.

Configura Turns 20

For Configura it isn’t a matter of coming up with a better product. It is simply a matter of getting its products in front of more potential clients to prove it.
By Rob Kirkbride (The Monday Morning Quarterback)

Configura signs Inscape for new Extension

CET solution for their dealers also include Steelcase, Haworth, Teknion, Spacefile, Mepal and, recently, KI.

Configura announces keynote speaker for CET Designer User Conference

Peter Shankman headlines 3rd annual event

Configura is pleased to announce internationally known speaker and social-media expert Peter Shankman as the keynote speaker for this year’s CET Designer® User Conference at The Venetian/Palazzo in Las Vegas.

Configura signs KI for new Extension

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., USA—June 14, 2010—Configura Inc. announces its newest client on the CET Designer® software platform: Green Bay, Wis.-based KI has selected Configura to produce a CET Designer Extension for KI’s product lines.

Configura announces two NeoCon contests for free trips to Las Vegas

GRAND RAPIDS, MICH., USA—June 7, 2010—Configura, Inc. , maker of award-winning CET Designer® software used by Haworth, Spacefile, Steelcase, Teknion and soon Mepal dealers, announces two contests for free trips to the 3rd annual CET Designer User Conference (Sept. 29-30) at The Venetian/Palazzo in Las Vegas this fall.

Innovative services – customer service is important

Configura Training
Photo by MMQB

CET Designer training and support offered by Configura was part of a recent feature article in MMQB, a leading publication serving the contract furniture industry. Configura Training and Support Manager Tracy Prevost and others were cited in the article, which spoke to the importance of a software solution that offers educational opportunities such as user conferences, onsite and multi-city training, Webinars and more.

Architect Joey Shimoda talks design, technology in MMQB

MMQB profiled LA-based Architect Joey Shimoda; in the articles, Mr. Shimoda talks about design trends as well as the importance of software like CET Designer from the A&D point of view.

AMR Research Report on Configurators

A report completed by AMR Research in December on the benefits of configurators featured Configura, one of 16 technology providers interviewed for the report.

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