Back from two days in Stockholm

The last two days, I have been in Stockholm and there I attended the event “Webbdagarna” (Web days). Over the two days there have been a number of interesting workshops and interesting discussions. A clear trend in web communication today is the importance of transparency and courage to show what you do. This is something we are trying to do here at Configura. We'd like your comments on both our programs and the website, so that we can always improve.
One highlight during Webbdagarna was Ving´s e-commerce manager, Åsa Broberg, who discussed how Ving moved from a monologue network presence to dialogue presence. Ving is a good example of how companies can exploit the web in a good way and thus create confidence among its customers. We at Configura are trying to be in the forefront of this development and hope that the next time it´s we who are the ones that is the good example of a web presence.
Åsa Broberg. Photo by Henrik Larsson
See photos from Webbdagarna on Flickr.
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