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Configura WhitepaperYesterday usability guru, Jakob Nielsen, posted an article in his Alertbox where he pointed out the importance of having easy and navigable investor relations (IR) information on the company's website. Nielsen and his team had test users perform different tasks on 52 company websites.

Among other things Nielsen showed that it’s important that there’s information available on the company's website and that it’s easy to find. It’s also important that the information is presented in segments so you easily can gaze through the information so you can find what you want faster.

Some of you might have read the book “The Strength of PGC”, in which you will learn how our technology works. Now we have also published a brand new whitepaper. This whitepaper is a resource for ‘designers, dealers and sellers of component-based product systems.’ This is available both as a downloadable PDF and, of course, as a scannable website where you easily can navigate through the contents of the whitepaper. Here’s what you will find in the whitepaper:

Here’s what you will find in the whitepaper: 

Today’s selling challenges
Characteristics and challenges of configurable, parametric system products CAD and the old sales and order process
PGC – the new sales and order process
Why PGC is a better solution
How PGC works
PGC’s time / cost advantage
PGC reduces the learning curve
PGC encourages adoption of new product lines
PGC increases sales and profitability
Return on investment
Implementing PGC
  1. Needs Assessment
  2. Consequence Analysis
  3. Secure top management support
  4. Secure user participation / implement
PGC is the basis for Configura Extension Technology (CET)
CET distribution technology
Licensing costs and discounts
Training and support


Visit and download the whitepaper here:


PGC – Can handle everything – You are the winner

I often hear that we can’t help because PGC can’t handle a specific type of product or system. This is not right! You should always have an “everything is possible” mindset when you think about PGC. Remember that PGC is flexible and dynamic because it adapts to your reality. PGC is not based on a static standard. It uses a formal language to express your needs and what you tell and train PGC to do can be distributed to all your points of interest in the world instantly.

A true Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC) system can handle all concepts, products and system solutions related to space planning and design such as floors, ceilings, walls, windows, doors, ventilation, electrical, control equipment, furniture, machines, robots, storage, lights, interior and more. The difference between CAD and PGC is that with PGC you always have the ambition to build in the rules and intelligence of real products so calculations regarding price, Bill of Material, capacity, strength, volume, weight etc always is correct and automatically ready for you to print/send a quote, print/send the installation drawings, or send an order to the ERP system. The important thing is accepting and appreciating that your work process will change when using PGC and that you will benefit in increased customer service, lower cost, more quotes in less time, no order entry, faster product and solution learning time for staff, and more.
You should always use PGC if you have;
-      A need for space planning and visualization in 2D and 3D.
-      A high volume of quotes.
-      A distributed sales organization selling direct or through independent dealers.
-      The ambition to grow the company and gain market shares.
-      The need to increase profit levels because cost of selling and communicating products are too high.

So, if you already use PGC or are thinking about starting to use it, always consider to contact us to discuss your problems, thoughts and ideas. We are here to help and we love working with you. Don’t think it’s not possible!


Three things: blogger, feedback button and a free book

Many things are now happening at First, we welcome Steven Jenkins as a new blogger. Steven is the Solutions Manager for CET Designer Core and will write about what happens in the development of CET Designer.
Another new thing here at the website is the feedback button that you can find at the bottom left of the page. The site is still relatively new and there are still many things to do to improve it. Is there something you're concerned about relating to the website, do not hesitate to give us feedback so that we can improve - negative as well positive comments are welcome!
Finally, I also take this opportunity to promote the book "The strength of PGC - Parametric Graphical Configuration". If you haven´t read it I think you should give it a chance and learn what makes our program unique – and of course, the book is for free!


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