Configura CET Designer in the Americas - Our Top 10 for 2010


2.       Welcomed new clients KI, Inscape and Aurora Storage Products.
5.       Had a standing-room-only NeoCon party and great booth traffic; gave away two trips to the User Conference plus an iPod.
6.       Released CET Designer 2.4 and CET Designer 2.5.
8.       Announced 2011 training in Grand Rapids.
9.       Received industry recognition, with major articles in MMQB, officeinsight and OFDealer.
10.   Launched improvements to and connected with more people via and
Looking forward to an awesome 2011!

pln("Hello World");

Welcome to the blogs of Configura and my blog.  We are very excited about our new web site, our ability to blog, our software and our company!

pln("Who is Doug Barense");
As you may guessed by the code above I am one of the programmers at Configura.  I work in the Grand Rapids, Michigan office, which we like to say is the "Furniture Capital of the World".  I grew up in the town where Herman Miller was founded and its classic furniture provided a lot of influence on my appreciation for design.  Being more technical and growing up framing houses I went into the technical side of architecture.  I spent nearly 20 years drawing buildings, many needing office furniture but always utilizing AutoCAD.
Having an ease with computers since my start with them I eventually began to customize AutoCAD and make it more efficient.  Eventually my career crossed paths with Configura and the dream of working on intelligent software came true.
I hope through my blog you learn more about our software, our company and maybe even a little about me. If you ever have any comments please leave them and we'll respond.
Thanks for stopping by!
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