Collaboration will improve your work

Jeremiah Owyang, a well known web strategist, writes in his blog about support communities, and how these platforms are about to change. He means that now is a time where there are a lot of opportunities to start using these communities in a way that will strengthen both the value for the users and the strength of the brand of the company that runs the community.

I think that an important thing is to see the users’ needs and create the community from those needs: “Community members first, company second”, as Owyang put it. This means that it should be easy to use and easy create content, from a user’s perspective.

By collaborating you can get ideas from other people and develop a wider knowledge about your work and possibly also increase the speed in your daily work. We are trying to see what our customers want and do things from that. Hopefully we can take advantage of the creativity you as a user of our software’s have and do something unique of it.

Cloud Computing – right now or later?

I really like the idea of having my work available on any device wherever I go at anytime. That’s an “I want it all and I want it now” approach to work. Instant sharing of information would make things easier and faster. Cloud Computing creates transparency in our collaborative life. So, let’s go for it… or are we not ready? What do you think?

The new Configura website is for you - welcome!

Welcome to the new Configura website. This website is for YOU! Here you can learn more about our services, our solutions, and our ambition to work together with you as an end-user, manufacturer, developer and/or partner. This website is a living document of what’s going on at Configura. Collaboration through support, chat, project management etc is all linked together within one umbrella and that is the Configura website. Here you have access to development tools, end-user software, news, videos and much more. I admit that we don’t have all pieces ready yet but we sure do have the ambition to serve YOU with a one entrance to many important and powerful functions that you need to work effective within your business. We will over time make this website more and more portal like. The CET Developer Center is the first part of this website that includes portal functionality. I welcome your feedback at anytime; please email me your ideas and thoughts to johan [dot] lyreborn [at] configura [dot] com.

Together we can make this website/portal a great asset for all of us.

We will also start up the possibility for more direct and live interaction. This blog is an example on this. Our blogger’s writes their stories, makes their statements or just share some ideas and reflections on what’s going on in the world that you directly can respond to and hopefully we all learn and benefit. This is the beauty of Internet … a fast spread of information and knowledge.

Please enjoy!
With best regards
Johan Lyreborn
CEO, Configura Sverige AB
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