People at Configura


People at Configura

Configura has received attention for its investment in the work environment and in employee development.

“A benefit of this investment is healthy, happy employees,” Chief Operating Officer Cecilia Angbratt says. “Throughout Configura’s history, we’ve had low absence rates and low staff turnover. I believe it’s because of the company’s goal of encouraging participation and the possibilities for personal development. Without our colleagues and their competencies, we would not be able to stay on the leading edge.”

The people we recruit have to meet our high standards. “In addition to solid competence, our new recruits need to like the Configura work style. We’re looking for employees who are industrious as well as contemplative and contributing of their thoughts and ideas. We’re a medium-sized company with a flat organization chart, so we work very closely. Our colleagues have a large degree of freedom – but with this freedom comes responsibility,” Cecilia says.

Configura focuses heavily on internal training. Each team is responsible for sharing knowledge about new projects, technologies and software. Configura also organizes breakfast seminars with guest speakers. To encourage creativity, employees can devote four hours a week of company time to professional development. For example, employees can take an afternoon out of the week to read up on a subject or ponder a solution to a problem.

We also encourage our employees to keep in physical shape by contributing to the cost of their fitness activities. “Sports and other activities can fuel creative ideas and invigorate the mind as well as body,” Cecilia says. On the following pages, we share stories of some of our colleagues. We asked what motivates them and what they feel is important in order to succeed in their work.


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